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Advanced Training and Research in Energy Efficient Smart Structures (ANTARES)
Date du début: 1 oct. 2014, Date de fin: 30 sept. 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Smart mechatronic structures of the future will have to be extremely energy efficient and self-powering in as many situations as possible. In addition to capabilities such as sensing and reacting to their environment in a predictable and desired manner, the next generation of smart structures will have to exhibit top class energy efficiency.In the context of the proposed ANTARES project (Advanced Training and Research in Energy Efficient Smart Structures) a new holistic approach to the design and implementation of smart structures will include top notch methods for extracting and reusing as much energy available from ambient vibrations as physically possible, developing novel energy efficient transducers for both control and energy harvesting, developing novel self-powered active control systems to reduce vibrations and noise emissions with maximum reductions in structural weight to further reduce the energy consumption. A special care will be taken that the weight reductions do not impair safety and structural integrity through development of appropriate structural health monitoring methods.The proposed ANTARES project aims to bring together early stage researchers and experienced specialists from key players in academia and industry across Europe. The fellows will be trained and supported in their phase of doctoral thesis to work innovative PhD topics as well as to receive specific education in theoretical and practical trainings.ANTARES is formed by 8 participating hosts combining leading education institutes, top research institutions and private sector representatives as well as 4 associated partners, established in European mechatronic and home appliances sector R&D, to assist in the dissemination and outreach or ANTARES results, and in providing dedicated training to enhance the entrepreneurial mind set of the ESRs. The Fellows will profit from top scientific research guidance in combination with highly relevant industrial supervision.



8 Participants partenaires