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Advanced monitoring system for horse riding and equestrian activities based on wireless sensing and artificial intelligence (EQUISAFE)
Date du début: 1 nov. 2013, Date de fin: 31 oct. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Horseback riding attractions are available in more than 30 countries across Europe with considerable economic impact on tourist attractions and becoming more popular due to the close contact with the riders and nature that such activities offers. Horseback activities have available tailored packages for riders of all levels of proficiency, from beginner to advance, including from beginner lessons for children up to long trip excursions.Currently there are not safety measures for such activities, , even sometimes alone. It is not mandatory nowadays to inform the horse riding monitor, e.g, about the specific health conditions which may have impact on the safety of the horse ride activity: and the most dramatic, are not a few the cases where the rider suffers from epileptic disease and have suffered such attack in the middle of the forest. Besides, falling, runaway horses, nervous horses, etc…may affect all riders with accidents in some case dramatic, and with undesirable effects on the reputation of horse keepers.The project objective is to develop a novel system for the monitoring of horse activity risks and horse health monitoring and management, with special focus on non-expert users and “in home” and outdoor monitoring. It will consist of a comfortable horse harness, which will include the following skills:Horse monitoring: i) GPS receiver and GPRS remote communication: ii) Movement activity: by means of accelerometer and gyroscope, iii) on-horse health measurements (sweating, pulse…etc…); iv)Wireless transmission and different modes of use (excursion, indoors, etc); v) Horse rider monitoring: Measurements of security and health of user, such as falling (among others)vi) group guider monitoring unit for outdoors equine activities; vii) Stable moniroting for horses.The software will add i)Automatic alarm raising: ii) Horse monitoring iii) History of user and horse assignment; iv) Horse interactions; v) relationship & data history of horses etc.



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