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Advanced Avionic Applications Simulation Platform (AAASP)
Date du début: 28 août 2013, Date de fin: 27 août 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

"The objective of the project is to develop a set of models, libraries, scripts and test circuits to enable the complete analysis of the Aircraft Power System at equipment and electrical network level. To achieve this objective the concept of an “Advanced Avionic Application Simulation Platform” (AAASP) will be introduced which is based on the SaberRD simulator.Key features of AAASP are:- Generic and tunable electrical models for Aircraft Power Systems to allow quick electrical network benchmark integration making validation activity easier, and creating a high quality basis for specific model development.- Accurate and robust SaberRD models according to equipment designs covering the typical architecture of electric networks like AC and DC generators, a power center, AC/DC DC/DC, AC/AC converters and machine loads- Two types of models will be provided to allow analysis on different levels:- Functional models for large time frame analysis, such as power flow and network stability analysis- Behavioral models for accurate power quality analyses.- Post processing scripts/tools to assess electrical network performances from simulation results and rig measurements related to aircraft standards performances verification like network stability and power quality studies.- A test environment will be developed to run single model stand-alone simulation to characterize simulated equipment performances and to perform network level analysis.Models will be delivered at different degrees of maturity, from preliminary models at the beginning of the project, through consolidated models and finally validated models regarding accuracy and convergence aspects. Documentations will be provided related to models, test environment and scripts."



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