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Adult Learning for Immigrants Integration

The reason for the project:The inter-cultural question today requires intense debate in order to defeat prejudicesand stereotypes and to evolve towards the idea of a genuine ‘mixed culture’. The aim iscreating a mestizo world that overcomes all cultural obstacles and transcending one’sown culture with the goal of a cultural heterogeneity.The project draws its inspiration from the mestizo theory as a theoretical basis thatsupports the integration of migrants through alternative adult learning approaches. Theinvolvement of marginalised and disadvantaged citizens, such as immigrants, in aintercultural project is a good opportunity for their linguistic, social and culturalintegration.Outputs, results and products:A.L.I.I. will consist of a series of local and European Citizens’ events in four thematicsteps which will gather immigrants’ communities with institutions and the civil society ina consolidated participatory process with the objective of reinforcing their education totheir needs of integration.The project consists of need analyses of the target groups, organisation of a series oflocal workshops and finally local seminars in order to deliver the results of the globalprocesses and recommendations to policy makers and representatives of institutions.The impact:The project will provide an opportunity for the widest possible section of society to takepart in activities that strengthen the relations among people, improve communicationand conflict-resolution skills, and contribute to the development of tolerance, mutualunderstanding and cooperation. A priority of the project is to fight exclusion and topromote the participation of disadvantaged groups such as immigrants in the politicaland cultural arenas in order to give rise to a real inter-cultural community.


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