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Adapted Development of Historical Old Towns in Central and Eastern Europe (ADHOC)
Date du début: 31 mars 2006, Date de fin: 27 févr. 2008 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Changing conditions, such as the lack of public funding and an ageing population, challenge the development of historical old towns. These difficult economic and social transitions require new approaches regarding the involvement of private investors in the implementation of revitalisation measures. In addition, conflicts between people aiming at preservation and others promoting modernisation of inner-city areas have to be solved. Main aim of the ADHOC project is the development and implementation of innovative approaches for a sustainable renewal of historical old towns with numerous listed buildings. The project concentrates on urbanistic and integrative solutions to develop valuable inner-city districts under changed structural and demographic conditions. Project partners are small and medium-sized cities with large-scale historical old towns under monument preservation, political and professional institutions active in this field and research institutions in the field of urban and regional development. The project shall provide transferable methods for a sustainable development of historical old towns under monument preservation in the CADSES area. The co-operation of science and practical solutions should help to overcome existing conflicts between monument preservation and strategic urban renewal and to enable joint actions of the different stakeholders in order to guarantee sustainable maintenance and utilisation of the cultural heritage. Expected Results: In the ADHOC project dialogue processes for typical problem constellations in selected historical districts will be initiated, involving administrations, owners, investors, monument preservationists and other stakeholders to overcome existing conflicts and to enable common strategic actions. By setting up public-private co-operations, long-term investments for the adaptation of historical Old Towns to social, demographic and economic changes will be achieved. The project aims at the following concrete results: - Initiation of exemplary strategic dialogue processes in nine historical Old Towns of old and new EU Member States with the relevant public and private stakeholders, - Identification of innovative project approaches for specific problem areas by bundling requirements of monument preservation and sustainable utilisation of inner-city areas, - Elaboration of nine feasibility studies and realisation concepts to prepare the implementation of strategic projects, - Implementation of five exemplary investment pilot projects demonstrating good examples and encouraging further investments, - Documentation and publication of transferable results on a virtual information platform (.eu domain) including a manual with exemplary solutions for typical challenges of an adapted development for historical Old Towns in the CADSES area, - Elaboration and dissemination of transferable methods for sustainable development of historical Old Towns under monument preservation in the CADSES area.



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