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Adaptation of Mediterranean woodlands to climate change effects. (FOR CLIMADAPT)
Date du début: 31 mai 2010, Date de fin: 30 mai 2013 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Mediterranean forest ecosystems now show the first damages linked notably to climate change. Their managers are mostly unable to react properly. Through the project, the partners aim to develop, share and disseminate efficient management tools and techniques to foster the adaptation of these natural areas to a modified climate. All commonly-agreed solutions will be made available not only to territorial managers and decision-makers. Achievements: State of the art of project implementation since the project startThe project is focused on some experimentations that the Partners carry out on own territory. In accord with the methodology of the project, the partners conduct experimental work independently and then they share this experience together, to meet the needs of society: this work was carried out and the products were made--. The final results of such experiments are available, and the deliverables required were made the final COPI approved livrables and declared that the project has achieved the expected results. An external, independent valuation company has validated the results. The partners have collaborated to share their experiences and their trials, and a peer group has favored the accumulation and sharing of best practices by analyzing the results of the partnership and assessing the possibility of extending to others the results obtained, We had seven COPI, 7 seminars, all the pilot sites were visited. Only a few final capitalization activities (synthesis) is in final stage.Latest project activities and outputsThe project goes into a phase of regime in which the experimental actions will be pursued and capitalisation sharesd action will be stronger. We have had: the visit of the pilot site in North Aegean Region (Mytilene), and the technical seminar organized by North Aegean Region, with related reports. The 6th and 7th meeting of the peer group and minutes Reported decisions and the visit report. The final seminar in Herculano was made. Promotional material from outside the project (newsletter, article, communication) The collection phase of deliverables and development of the final results is hectic, in view of the closure of the project (the project had requested, but not received, an extension of this phase, in order to better organize it). The final results was shared in the closing seminar of Naples (May 2013).Next key steps for the projectThe project is being closed. In May ther was in Naples the closing seminar (as well as COPI and the last meeting of the Peer Group). On this occasion will be shared final results of the project was carried out and the last action of local communication action are organized. Particular attention will be given to verify the final harvest of the products provided, and administrative closures. They will also be made --available the results of the external evaluation (third party) of the proje



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