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Actualización lingüística y pedagógica: lenguas extranjeras, CLIL y Ciencias
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

IES Pobra do Caramiñal seeks to improve the quality of teaching, study and learning and optimize the current organization of work at the level of school and classroom, in order to obtain consistent results with what is expected of school . We also want to achieve a higher level of implementation of basic skills in general, and particularly technological , and we seek further training of all teachers in the school. Internationalisation and the European dimension of our center are aspects that are given great importance , having participated in several Comenius partnerships in the last 10 years. This project aims at improving the quality of education in our center, and acquiring tools and skills that enable our school to increase the results of the work of teachers and students. Our school wants to be prepared for the new challenges of a changing society, needing a constant updating. The latest diagnostic evaluation conducted during the 2013-14 course in our school gave us an average below Galician results. Our center has developed an improvement plan in which teacher training and establishing alliances with other European schools and ultimately internationalization are key pieces. The training activities of the project are thus raised within the school improvement plan, a plan for the future, development and innovation. This project focuses on improving the pedagogical and didactic competence of teachers in different aspects: foreign languages, bilingual education, Natural Sciences, and this is reflected in many aspects concerning both the teachers as related to students and the school in general. Participating teachers must have an active profile in terms of their involvement in innovation and training, and may after the training period participate more effectively in future European projects. We aim to improve teacher skills doing: - A teacher training course focused on teaching and pedagogy of Science. GET UP WITH NATURAL SCIENCES !, held in Finland, which will include visits to local schools and contact with both Finnish and other nationalities teachers. - Courses in English for non-specialist teachers to perform in UK, which will improve the linguistic competence in foreign language of teachers and students. The educational community will see benefit in many ways as a result of the project submited. We will use the skills and experiences regarding training in the different courses will be performed: - Experience from the training course Get Up With Natural Sciences will result in a report that participating teachers will write and share with the teachers of the Natural Sciences Department, which will be a document of good practice in teaching Natural Sciences, and will share with all the teachers of the center, also including aspects about school organization in Finnish schools. This will allow us to collaborate on improving aspects of educational innovation of the PEC, School Education Project, a pedagogical document prepared by the educational community which defines the identity, objectives, organizational and functional structure of the school. - Improving language skills after the training courses in English language will facilitate the internationalization and European projection of our school and participation in Erasmus + projects , as well as lifelong training courses most of times in a foreign language. Improving linguistic competence will also improve the quality and increase the number of bilingual subjects performed in our center on ESO levels. The transition to digital learning rush in recent courses will be enhanced with new ideas and promoted by the attendance to this courses. The cooperation and collaboration with other Schools will be encouraged by establishing partnerships with European Schools, establishing future cooperation , jobshadowing , strategic partnerships, and students mobility .