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Activities to Empower Youth Volunteering
Date du début: 1 juin 2016, Date de fin: 31 mai 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The aim of the project is to improve the quality of EVS projects under Erasmus+ program by establishing more efficient partnerships between organizations and developing organizations capacity to implement project in the field of volunteering, youth active participation, intercultural dialogue, entrepreneurship and capacity building. For this project we foreseen that the volunteers from Portugal could be in involved with the reality of youth working and Erasmus + management so we could follow the objectives of project tat are: • Establish long term cooperation between organizations from Europe region under Erasmus+ programs;• Share and explore ideas, experience and areas of common interest in the intercultural settings, as well as share methods and tools related to different aspects of evaluating and monitoring learning processes in youth projects; • Learn about project cycle, risks and opportunities in international projects, and explore best cooperation strategies in projects;• Improve understanding of Erasmus+ program, especially KA1 and KA2 projects;• Explore realities and needs of EU and program countries in youth project context.The project will tackle the new generation of youth organizations needs: 1) Need for trustable and long term partners for Erasmus+ youth projects. All partner organizations have experience implementing non-formal education projects and are interested to develop new ideas. Partner organizations already have ideas and will be able to discuss them during the partnership building activity. 2) Need to better understand region and possible cooperation between EU countries. 3) Need for personal and professional development for the staff and youth leaders. All partner organizations are constantly interested to develop their staff, board member and youth leader professional and personal competences. The participation in this EVS will allow participants gain new skills and improve their competences, as well share their expertise therefore increasing their satisfaction with work and motivation for future projects. The activity will enhance mobility of youth workers from Europe by providing opportunity to develop their competencies in another country and share their experiences between volunteers.4) Need for better youth involvement in economic and political processes. There are many programs that are targeted to young people; however, there is luck of actual young people who would be involved in these processes. It is important to improve young people ability to express their opinion, to influence their quality of education and have ownership of their life. During this project, volunteer will establish contacts and ideas for projects about these topics. Partners will analyze situation in each country and will discuss the best Strategies for cooperation and better youth involvement of each country’s economic development. The other Erasmus+ objective is raise vvolunteers awareness and understanding of other cultures and countries. The activity will involve partners from very different countries in participants will be exposed to different cultural aspects. The volunteers will also have a possibility to discuss European identity in non-formal communication. The project will also increase the capacity and attractiveness on international divisions in youth projects. The previous experience shows, that knowing the partners personally and meeting them directly, improves communication and quality of the projects. It will also make people more interested to cooperate with each other. The participants will also discuss Youthpass and different methods how to evaluate learners learning experience.The project will focus on promoting non-formal learning and cooperation in the youth fields becoming the Erasmus+ more atractive for related youngster in a relationship peer-to-peer.



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