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Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

CONTEXT: Santo Tomás de Aquino High School is located in a rural area , in the Castille y Leon region . It is about 45 km from Valladolid ( in the centre of the Spain). It has about 400 full time students. The school is organised into three main areas : secondary school , A- level students and vocational training. The average class size is 22. Two teachers are interested in taking part in the project . They both have an extended experience in teaching, it is a challenge for them to improve their students´ linguistic competence and their own linguistic competence. The teachers are very committed to their jobs at school. ACTIVITIES AND METHODOLOGY : the activities and methodology will be active and motivating. The main purpose of the project is not only to bring to the classroom the ideas and strategies learnt but also , share the experience with the rest of the teachers ( from the english departement and the other language departaments and the rest of the members of the school community ). The idea is to get everybody at school involved in the project ,so that everybody can benefit from the experience and also show the project outside school ( using new technologies like facebook, school web site........) The participants expect to obtain very good results from the project and a warm welcome from the students . The teachers would like that they value the efforts made by the teachers . We have to keep in mind that the main intention of the participants is to work for the students´ improvement , especially improving their oral and listening skills in a short and long term. BENEFITS IN A LONG TERM: invest on teacher´s training and back them . This is the right and only way if we want to get better students´ academic training, skills and academic results. The students will see their improvement in the near future . Learning languages is something basic in the context of a commom Europe and it will be quite helpful in their professional and personal lives. The teachers will challenge students to learn with confidence. In conclusion , it is vital to favor teacher training . They will innovate, bring fresh ideas , new learning strategies and a more effective methodlogy to students who are a bit discouraged .These school students have very few opportunities of travelling abroad and it is also difficult for them to keep in touch with the language outside the classroom. Teachers will challenge students to learn with confidence.