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active learning methods for educational environment
Date du début: 1 août 2015, Date de fin: 31 janv. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

27th of September-4th of October .Training course on active learning methods on educational environment 15 youth workers from France, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Slovakia, involved in non formal education and interested in nature-based educational activities Le Viel Audon (Balazuc) After the rural exod of youngsters, we have notice a remarkable lack of contact between youngsters and nature At the same time, 5 europeen organization involved in nature-basededucation, and sensitive a pedagogical approach based on doing together, decided to gather together to encourage some innovative learning initiatives, whete the rural areas become the leading element. The first of those initiative will be the training course for youth workers on active learning methods in educational environment that will take place in Le Viel Audon, a cooperative village of Ardeche, hidden in the Ardeches cliffs where non formal education, agricultural sector and ecology are thightly bounded. The 2 main educational agents are the participants themselves (peers education) and the environment (education through the physical world) The main objectifs are: 1)to affirm the power of natural spaces as resources for the experimentation and learning experience 2)to help to consolidate/acquire methods of active learing through à daily “simulation” 3)to support the exchange of good practices on environmental education 4)to encourage the critical thinking and the sense of creativity 5)to develop a euroepan network of actors involved in nature-based education. The learning process, will be carried out through the full immersion of the youth workers on several axes of activities: -full immersion in an ecological and participative way of living -workshops (bread-making, home made conserves, eco-costruction, discovering by hiking) -sessions for reflection and sharing on active learning methods (project design, fair of good practices -semi self directed session for the implementation of concrete and collective projects After the implementation of the project, we will expect that : -the participants will transmit the acquired competences to other youth worker, and that will adapt the tools and methods acquired to their local reality -the partner will strengthen their partnership, by proposing new cooperation and by encouraging other actors of environmental education to join them -the rural realities, like the viel audon, or in wider terms the ardeche, could be identified as promoter of an international dynamique on education in the nature.



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