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active Innovation Support for SMEs in the Corridor from the Baltic to the Mediterranean Sea (PROINCOR)
Date du début: 31 mars 2010, Date de fin: 30 mars 2013 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

After the enlargement of the European Union there is the potential to develop the Baltic-Adriatic corridor to a knowledge-based economic region in accordance with the Lisbon strategy. The project PROINCOR contributes to this development by addressing enterprises with innovation needs in main manufacturing and industrial service sectors of the involved regions and countries. Its aim is to support the diffusion and application of knowledge in new products, processes and services. The transnational partnerships covering the corridor from the Baltic to the Mediterranean Sea aims to strengthen the competitiveness of SMEs by boosting their innovation performance and thereby contribute to the decrease of economic disparities between Eastern and Western regions and countries along the former iron curtain. The project is based on a proactive approach starting with diagnostic and advisory visits in SMEs, developing and using of transnational approach to assess the current innovation performance of the SMEs. The important part that the project covers is also the conducting of innovation audits and action plans on how to improve the innovation performance. Achievements: The kick-off-meeting of the CENTRAL EUROPE project "Proactive Innovation Support for SMEs in the Corridor from the Baltic to the Mediterranean Sea - PROINCOR" was held in Bautzen, Germany from 22 - 23 June 2010. The conference proceedings of the PROINCOR innovation conference are available on the project website In September 2010 the PROINCOR partnership carried out an Innovation Workshop in Graz, Austria. The principles of the developed innovation audit were presented and discussed among the project partners. The PROINCOR innovation audit will analyze, evaluate and stimulate the innovation process and innovation environment in SMEs from all different kind of sectors. After the Innovation Workshop the PROINCOR innovation audit guide was updated. The second meeting of the transnational innovation advisor group was held in Prague in connection with the 2nd SG meeting. The project methodology was discussed again in detail. Based on the innovation audit guide the so called web-based monitoring system (WMS) was developed, a database with information from all uploaded innovation audits. By means of the WMS the PROINCOR partnership will document the main results of the individual innovation audits. The WMS information should be used to foster the transnational innovation oriented cooperation of the audited companies in Central Europe. During the third official meeting in Trieste, Italy the external evaluator presented a survey concerning the satisfaction with the audit methodology. The evaluator recommended to start each innovation audit with the innovation needs of the audited company and to develop hands-on measures and follow-up projects which meets the needs of the audited companies. It is very important to show the added value to the company at the beginning of the audit. The finalised innovation audits available on the WMS will be evaluated by the external evaluator. So far there are 263 finalised innovation audits uploaded on the WMS. More than 360 managers and 260 employees were involved in these audits. In the 6th period the partnership started to develop a seach tool for the database, the so called PROINCOR Business Community. The aim of this search tool is to bring together audited companies from the same sector, e.g. mechanical engineering or ICT. If a company is interested in finding a new cooperation partner, this company can contact the regional PROINCOR project partner in order to look for an appropriate company that fits to the needed criterias. All audited companies are included in this database (WMS), that's why only the project partners have access to this Business Community.



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