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Active in community
Date du début: 1 janv. 2016, Date de fin: 30 juin 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

A high rate of young of from El Bonillo are going through delicate moments on economic level. Due to this fact they often remain distanced (in several cases voluntarily) from the needs of the community) and thus out of reach of the existing opportunities that promote their growth and inclusion. We strongly believe that the lack of interest and the lack of initiative increase the risk of not reaching adequate employment in the labor market, leading thus (among other things) to the de-growth of the community and as a result to immigration.This (inspired by the youth of El Bonillo) project is situated in the background of the European reality, highly focused on young people. The theme of the project is “Youth growth of rural areas of the southern part of Europe” under the title of “Active in Community”. Its objectives are:1. Improving the professional and personal competencies and abilities of youth peopleThe learning method will be through active participation through workshops, study visits and outdoor activities. All these activities aim at a proactive participation that would bear results in the 8 basic competencies of the Youthpass: improvement of communication in mother tongue, of communication in foreign languages, of mathematical and technology sciences competencies, of digital competencies, of social and civic competencies, of entrepreneurship and of consciousness and cultural expression.2. Reaching young people with fewer opportunitiesThe total number of participants will be 21. Out of the six participants of each country, will belong to the “fewer opportunities” division and one will be the team leader (who would not enter the “fewer opportunity division”. The participants whether live in rural areas where they are offered fewer opportunities, lower academic yielding/achievements, or belong to minority groups or live in environment where they are exposed to juvenile alcoholism.The various participative activities will include:- Workshops where the participants will receive information, will identify, analyze and give long-term and sustainable solutions to the different challenges they encounter in their respective communities. The ideas that will come as a result will be contemplated under the light of the projects that the participants will design and implement; on their own, with local cooperation or in a European framework.- Games led by participants that will enable them in the first place to get acquainted with each-other and to put them in the shoes of different community actors in order to give solutions to the different challenges they encounter in their every day life.- Guest speakers and study visits (accompanied with Q&A sessions) to get to know the work of different organizations or civic and participatory initiatives in order to get motivated and acquire helpful information and tools that will serve their own prOutdoor activities with hiking routes and village visits to know the culture and the history of this part of Spain.Based on experience observation of other projects, the expected results are as follow:- Improvement of linguistic, professional and labor-perspective competencies- Higher quality of activities and projects.- Better comprehension of the relationship between education, formation, and labor market.- Increasing of motivation, better understanding of entrepreneurship and initiative.- Improvement of comprehension and participation in the life of political, educational and youth systems of the European Union- Higher approaching to the needs of disadvantaged people- Increasing of consciousness regarding cultural, socio-cultural diversityWith regard participant impact, the project aims at empowering the young people of the partner organizations with information, motivation and increasing of self-esteem in order for them to start developing projects, practical examples, real life initiatives during the exchange with the perspective transforming them in real projects. The mix of consolidated organizations such as YSC and two netwo new organizations such as NEST and LSB (which’s organizer has a vast experience in participation and organization of exchanges and volunteer summer camps) and NEST (which’s members have a diverse experience in various various institutional areas). In addition, the cooperation between Greece, Albania and Spain establishes an uncommon innovation especially at civil level. We strongly believe that this networking proposal will the first corner stone from which the three organizations will develop. At addressee level, the participating organizations will have the opportunity to be part of a European program (the majority of them for the first time), thing that will widen the perspective and the inspiration to be part of it in future occasions.



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