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Active citizenship for social change
Date du début: 10 mai 2015, Date de fin: 9 août 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Background Development Perspectives has years of experience in development education programs and through this have built up leadership capacity in participant to become leaders for change in their own community . The experience of development perspectives in these areas of active citizenship ,leadership and employability . We are very passionate about social change by empowering young people to make a change in both their own lives and the lives of those around them . Objectives The objectives of the training course is to explore different models of Leadership and get a common understanding of what "leadership " is and how the key principles can be applied when working with young people . The training will also focus on examining different concepts of citizenship such as active , Global and European and increase subsequent activity in this field. All participants will have access to different tools and methods for working with young people on themes of leadership and citizenship and employability. Challenge participants to critically think about different issues that affect them and society. Demonstrate skills on how to develop a young person’s confidence/passions Create a space to share good practice in term of leadership and active citizenship in youthwork. Develop and maintain international partnerships in order to create a community of practice. Create a digital coaching /support platform to keep participant motivated afterwards Number of Participants/profile The number of participants would be 24 18+ yotuh workers , community workers , volenteers Description of activities The approaches we will be using will incorporate a range of non formal training methods in order to facilitate a range of different learning styles . Experiential learning is a were Development Perspectives has a huge amount of experience and therefore we will be using David Kolb experiential learning cycle as one of the main methods to the training as it fits in well with participants having to reflect on the experiences themselves and take the learning from it . We will also use some nature based approaches to the training course in order to inspired and increase creativity within the participants. Problem based learning will a very effective tool in order to increase these skills in participants. Methodology We will be using a wide range of method in this training with experiential learning being a big part of it training using David Kolb experiential learning cycle to get participants to evaluates and reflect on action themselves in order to plan and action and improve what they do it the future. We understand that the group will all have different intelligences and learning styles and their for a range of different approaches will be used in order to cater for them such as theorist, pragmatists , activists , Reflectionists Their will be a big emphasis on challenges and problem solving in order to get a stronger group bond but also to increase confidence in the participants . Impact increase capacity in leadership style and understanding which can impact another group of young people and effect positive change Change in attitudes towards employability and entrepreneurial skills that will have an impact not only on the individual but the organisation and the community in which they are involved. There will be a great understanding of different concepts of citizenship and this in turn will make all participant more aware of what they can do in order to make an impact or change through their increase confidence , leadership skills and entreprenrial attitudes



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