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Activating Youth Participation. Get to know Europe III.
Date du début: 1 janv. 2016, Date de fin: 30 nov. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Through the Project ACTIVATING YOUTH PARTICIPATION. GET TO KNOW EUROPE III, the Youth Council of La Rioja will host three volunteers from Armenia, Denmark and Turkey for seven months. The profile of the volunteers and their motivation to develop skills and get knowledge in the youth area will enable to achieve the goals of this project based on three fundamental pillars: - European citizenship, European awareness and democracy. - Creativity and culture. - Youth (engagement, youth work, Youth Policy).The main activities to develop are divided in three areas (formation of associations, international issues and social networks ), which cover different tasks, for instance: youth information, preparation and development of courses and seminars, orientation on searching for employment, promotion of EVS, development of different activities included in Erasmus Plus Programme, web and social network updating or participation in different cultural activities, such as concerts and workshops.Volunteers will be able to collaborate in those activities that suit their motivation or expectations the most. However, proposed initiatives by the volunteers according to their own interests will be appreciated. Working methods will be based on a personalised training according to the volunteers’ needs and their active participation as part of the CJR team in order to provide them with a range of skills and key competences for their future and our organisation's one as well. Dissemination of results during and after the end of the project will be a main goal, using different tools as the presence in the media, blog and social network updating, talks, open days or maintaining contact with the associations members of The Youth council of La Rioja will be used. In the long term, promoting youth initiatives as part of Erasmus Plus programme will be expected, as a conversion of Youth Council of La Rioja into a reference organisation for promoting youth participation, European awareness and support to young people from La Rioja.



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