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Date du début: 15 oct. 2014, Date de fin: 14 juil. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

This ACTIVATE EVS project seeks to promote intercultural and intergenerational dialogue, proactivity and active citizenship between the EVS participants and the local community, and to enhance a better understanding and dialogue with the wide European cultural diversity. It is designed by considering 3 main subjects: 1. art/creativity and culture; 2. climate change and the environment; and 3. the intergenerational learning -, with the aim to creatively empower international young persons to achieve their personal and professional goals. The EVS participants will contribute with their own opinions and experiences and will learn from the organisation by being included in the general organisation scheme regarding e.g. general services, event organisation or administrative work. Furthermore the EVS participants will be given the opportunity and the support to live and to create, plan and organize their own activities, workshops, art exhibitions, intergenerational learning processes or environmental projects. A weekly plan will help the volunteer to organize their project. This project will include regular meetings with mentors, a Portuguese language course, time and space for their own single activities, as for group activities. Herewith Transforma wants to cover formal learning processes, non-formal methods, intercultural and intergenerational dialogue, interaction with the local community and the self-development of each EVS participant. The EVS mentors, the team of the hosting organisation, the EVS sending/partner organisations and local volunteers will be supporting of this process of the EVS participants. Both the hosting organisation and all 4 partner organisations have experiences in the field of youth in action programmes, working with non-formal methods, supporting young persons in developing their creative and innovative ideas and can contribute through a pedagogical and project management background. Transforma expects the EVS volunteers to develop a wide set of skills, knowledge and competences in order to empower them in their personal as well as in their professional live for the future. Transforma seeks to stabilize the European Voluntary Service in its youth and voluntary service and strengthen the benefits of the EVS to receive more international volunteers in future projects as well as to support Portuguese youngsters to volunteer, live and gain a wide range of experiences abroad.



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