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Action: integration
Date du début: 1 août 2016, Date de fin: 30 nov. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Till now the activities of FIYE Poland focused on mobilisation of youth through voluntary service and creating space for developing their hobbies. Action: integration project partly continues these activities but it adds a new field of intergenerational integration to it. The project bases on 12-month-EVS realised in Pułtusk, Poland, directed at inhabitants of Pultusk and its surrounding. The project will have 1 participant from Germany.Thanks to the project we would like to:- raise awareness about the needs of local communities among youth and to encourage youth to engage in development of local communities through local and international voluntary service,- increase contact and cooperation between youth and seniors in Pultusk,- continue develping local and international voluntary service in Pultusk.Our aims regarding the volunteer are to increase sensitivity to the needs of local communities, especially youth and seniors and encouragement to cooperation with seniors. We would like to increase knowledge and develop skills related to youth mobilisation and intergenerational and intercultural activities.Engaging a German volunteer for the first time in history of EVS in Pultusk, we wish to Begin intercultural exchange between German youth and Pułtusk community. The volunteer, recruited at the stage of creating the project, is a person interested in work with youth but also willing to work with people at different ages. She is interested in getting to know the culture of her neighbouring country. The volunteer will support FIYE Poland activities promoting and developing voluntary service, help in organising educational and cultural meetings and work with seniors under charge of a Day Care Centre “Senior Wigor” in Pultusk.The volunteer will be working both individually and in a team under supervision of the coordinator. She will receive a full-time schedule but with space for her own initiatives, if related to the mission of the organisation. Volunteer’s involvement in the activities will depend on her level of independence, reliability and creativity. The duties will be introduced gradually. Activities demanding special preparation will be preceded by additional training. The activity will be regularly evaluated.Expected results are:- implementation of voluntary service focused on seniors and intergenerational activities involving youth,- engaging a group of local volunteers thanks to support of the project participant,- a series of meetings at schools and active participation of the volunteer in events organised in the town, Pułtusk county and North Masovian region,- working out a model of intercultural activities run by the volunteer at schools,



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