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Action: activation
Date du début: 1 janv. 2016, Date de fin: 30 nov. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Involvement of EVS Volunteers into actions aimed at youth brings very good results. Positive example of foreign volunteers encourages local youth to volunteering, educational and integration activities as well as to international voluntary service. Local youth appreciates contact with other cultures, possibilities of broadening their horizons, language practice and making new friends. At the same time such cooperation brings various learning possibilities for the EVS volunteer.The main aim of the project is mobilisation and self-development of youth from Pultusk as well as the volunteer through activities co-organised by the volunteer. Within the project there will be a 7-month European voluntary service with a Finish volunteer organised.The volunteer can be described as a person:- with interest in supporting local communities with his skills, talents and hobbies, - interested in work with youth but open for cooperation with other groups,- willing to get to know the world and other cultures.The volunteer will be supporting FIYE team in promotion an development of local and international voluntary service, organisation of Youth Activity Club and intercultural meeting, spreading information about EU programmes for youth, running workshops and presentations for local schools, institutions and organisations. The target group of the activities is mostly youth from Pultusk and its surrounding, but the work gives opportunities of work with children and adults too.The volunteer will be working both individually and in a team under supervision of the coordinator. He will receive a full-time schedule but with space for his own initiatives, if related to the mission of the organisation. Volunteer’s involvement in the activities will depend on his level of independence, reliability and creativity. The duties will be introduced gradually. Activities demanding special preparation will be preceded by additional training. The activity will be regularly evaluated.Expected results of the project are increased number of local youth involved in local and international voluntary service and active involvement of youth in free-time activities proposed in the project. The results concerning the volunteer are: knowledge on work with local community, especially youth, EU programmes aimed at youth and programmes of international voluntary service. He will also develop organisational skills, language, IT, intercultural, social and civic competences as well as ability to learn. Thanks to interesting work and everyday contact with people, he will have a chance to develop his interests and discover new ones.EVS volunteers are a part of the Pultusk community and cooperation of the volunteers with schools, institutions and organisations is an important part of their activities. Realisation of the project will keep the interest of the partners and bring long-term results.


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