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Acting European 3
Date du début: 3 août 2015, Date de fin: 2 nov. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project leaves from a series of problems identifies at the comunity level (as o low volunteering culture in Bacau and Neamt counties, a low involvment of the decision makers in the consolidation of youth policies, etc.), but also a series of needs identified at young people level (need of inclusion of young people with fewer opportunities, need for development of skills, etc. ) and the partners NGO (need of involvement, developing the capacity, etc.) being part from the intercounties strategy developed in the first edition of the project. Project objectives: To promote the european citizenship for the development of an active and risponsible society. To exchange best pracices at intercounties leven between the youth workers and dicision makers for developing new local youth policies. To develop the democratic dimension of 300 young people from Bacău and Neamț counties, To facilitate the meetings between young people and local authorities for the development of an active system of promotion and suport of the volunteering at regional level. The project activities are: 5 motivational conferecenes – on TEDx model in 5 cities, 5 consultation meetings with the decision makers in 5 cities, a meeting for the development of a network for the promotion of democracy projects and a National Youth Seminary where it will be developed a strategy for 2016-2017 in the field of youth policies. Nonformal methods used: interactive presentations, socio educative animation, debates, group working, creative learning methods, round table, world cafe, open space and so on. Project results: the visibility materials (roll up, flyers, brochures, etc.) a good practice guide for democracyeducation and promotion videos.