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act your story
Date du début: 1 août 2014, Date de fin: 31 mai 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

35 young people from 7 different countries were invited in Bologna (Italy), to work on the themes of the resources a fastly changing world can bring to our lives. Uncertainty is a feeling we all experience and we generally give it a bad connotation, but we believe instead that the precariousness of our societies, constantly reshaping socially, economically and professionally, can give a new liberty and liberate the curiosity we all have inside. We believe that people who have experienced early social and professional obstacles are best equipped to face it. All resides in how we want to face this uncertainty, if with fear and refusal or if with strength and enthusiasm. In our exchange, through the tools of performance art, self expression and guided in a process of personal development and esteem-building, we invited the 35 participants, who all or mostly have difficult background, to share their story and express it artistically, while creating group performances with sound, body language and words. When the turning point of exclusion, fear and uncertainty was coming, we tried to ask participants to find an artistic personal mean to solve it positively, to feel the importance of choosing "now" and choosing for their own and other's good. Final outcome of the entire process - which was just a part of the entire process, not the main one- have been an open event to the public which was performed in Bologna "Telling stories" -theatre club, where three common shared stories, built upon all the personal ones, were presented in a public performance. Venue of the programme has been the hostel San Sisto Due Torri in Bologna; set in a green area not far from the city center, with a large dinning room, bedrooms, an equipped rehearsing space with an annexed stage and large outdoor areas useful for activities and during the free time, is renowned for hosting workshops and events. The methodologies we used were non formal since we believe that through experience we can better cement and acquire learning. We also used feedback's methodologies and personal development's tools to assure a safe expressional environment among the participant since we were aware the theme of the exchange is a sensitive one. The impact seeked is a long-term one since our aim has been to equip each one of the youngsters invited with an immaterial baggage of inner esteem and confidence, as well as giving them artistic, organizational and group-work abilities. We also considered important to share these outcomes with a general public, therefore the finalization in an open event. A bigger audience was addressed on line through the publication of materials (words, photos, videos) in blogs, facebook pages and all partners assocations' sites to give a bigger resonance to the project. For that we recorded and shared on line a large numbers of photos and videos as well as descriptions, memories and other related thoughts. Youth Pass was explained and given to each participant in the final reflection day while we offered constant monitoring prior, during and after the main activity took pace to best assure communication and prevent difficulties.. We took care to present the program Erasmus + during the final day of the exchange and show its opportunities, in the hope of a longer mobilization of the participants beyond and beside the programme.



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