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Act Social, Think Global!
Date du début: 1 août 2016, Date de fin: 31 janv. 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Act Social - Thik Global! is a project composed of two activities: Evs mobilities and PBA.It deals with the following main themes: volunteering and intercultural learning in social and educational contexts. Its goal is focused both on the volunteers and the youth workers involved.The EVS volunteers will develop new competences in social and educational field e they’ll get new tools to work with target groups with fewer opportunities.Their intercultural growth and their learning path will be enhanced both at human and professional level. Thanks to this project, also the youth workers will gain new tools to better deal with Evs volunteers. Joint has been working in the EVS promotion since many years and it’s committed to broaden the Evs opportunities. “Act Social-Think Global” considers as main need the necessity to provide a suitable training and supporting for Evs volunteers. To do so, Joint wants to include the Recognition of Competences approach and its methodologies to facilitate the self-assessment process for the volunteers to identify their objectives and rooms for improvement when filling the Youthpass.“Act Social-Think Global” is composed of these actions: the coordination of 5 Evs volunteers (4 in Walden Institute and 1 in CeLIM) and one PBA to deeply reflect on the role of the organisations working with the Evs as sending, hosting and coordinating. The PBA activiies will be a good chance to reflect on the methodologies used and to share innovative tools and best practices in order to better work and cooperate in the EVS field in social and educational field, having fewer opportunities’ target groups.4 Evs volunteers will be hosted in Walden Institute (Sciacca) from October 2016 for 12 months, while 1 volunteer will be hosted in CeLIM (Milan) from September 2016, for 12 months. The PBA activity will be held from the 4th to the 8th of May 2017 in Sciacca and it’ll involve Joint and 17 other organisations working with the EVS. The actions planned will have a strong impact on the volunteers involved and also on the youth workers of each participating Organisations. Due to this impact we expect to achieve positive results, enhancing and enlarging the volunteers and workers’ professional competences. The volunteers own presence in the hosting organisations and communities will enrich the impact since they’ll guarantee an important learning value from an intercultaral point of view and their participation will improve and stimulate the acquisition of new competences and abilities for the staff and workers involved in each hosting community. All the Evs volunteers will obtain and implement their transversal competences (e.g. communicative and relational ones), useful both for their personal growth and for their learning path dealing with the social and educational field.Joint, as coordinating organisation, will relate to the actors involved and will broaden and deepen the competences already gained, in order to ameliorate its methodologies and competences and grow taking into account the intercultural value of this project’s experienceBesides that, the impact on the two hosting Organisation (CeLIM and Walden) will be useful to enlarge their intercultural competences and obtaining new ones thank to the volunteers’ presence and their added value.During the PBA activity every participant will exchange competences, improve methodologies and gain new useful tools at professional level in each context and in sending and coordinating EVS field.After the PBA the organisations involved will have new sharing tools and best practices and thanks to this meeting they will have further informations to work on training, evaluation ad managing Evs volunteers. The PBA will be useful also to plan future collaborations. Since the PBA will be in Sciacca, the impact within the local community will be strong and relevant to let the locals better understand all the opportunities related to Erasmus+ and it will also raise awareness about Evs opportunities and all the others mobilities chances offered and promoted by the Programme. Thanks to the PBA, all the partners involved will get new competences related to social and educational different contexts. Sharing suitable strategies the participants will better analyse and act considering the needs of the volunteers involved. This will improve new competences and abilities to be used in each local context.



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