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ACT on the SPOT
Date du début: 1 mai 2015, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Many young people feel disconnected from their own communities and have a lack of self-esteem. Opportunities for young people are needed to enable a feeling of self-worth and to reaffirm their role in their communities. Youth Workers often struggle to devise methods of engaging young people to help them actively make a difference in their communities and to address problems in their own lives or the lives of their peers. This project aimed to provide youth workers with the tools and methods to inspire young people to ACT and mobilise to make a positive change. Another key part of the project was to give the opportunity to youth workers who would not normally get the opportunity to come together with their peers from other countries to collaborate, share practice and learn from each other. ACT on the SPOT was a 8-day international training course that enabled participants engaged in youth work in their communities to explore a specific body of techniques/tools/methods designed to show young people how to take an active role within their community, both through their local government, and through directly finding solutions to a problem in their particular community, whether it be environmental, social, political or economic etc. During the training days, participants were offered an overview of the principles to support positive youth engagement and also some methods and tools to work with youth involved in volunteering or educational activities connected with community and active citizenship: community needs analysis, street interventions, forum theatre, human library, short study visits. The training course took place in a very beautiful area of Scotland, at Allanton Peace Sanctuary between 3-10 of October and brought together 24 participants from 7 European countries: Bulgaria, Croatia, Poland, Slovakia, Romania, Latvia and Scotland. Participants had the chance to discover the Scottish culture and their countries culture interacting in different organized events where they could share their music, dances or food. The training team was composed by 2 experienced trainers in using non-formal education and community activity management working and preparing youth workers in this field and also by 6 staff members who assured all logistic and administrative details.



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