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Acquisition of professional web programming skills for an earlier integration in the labor market
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Acquisition of professional web programming skills for an earlier integration in the labor market- Ref.No. 2015-1-RO01-A102-014297 Beneficiary: Colegiul National „August Treboniu Laurian” Botosani, Romania Partner : alfatraining Bildungszcentrum Karlsruhe, Germany The main objective of the project was "Extending IT specialized training in order to increase the quality of professional training and an early integration of graduates on the labor market". The specific objectives are: - 24 students will obtain important knowledge in the programming language PHP in order to create dynamic websites which will qualify them for the European labor market; - 24 students will learn to create and manage a web design company so as to develop their own web design business after graduation; - 24 students will develop their linguistic competences in order to understand IT technical language; - 24 students will obtain cultural knowledge in order to integrate into the social reality of the host country; - 24 students will develop transversal skills of personal and professional development by applying effective team work during the internship. Target group: 24 students in 10th and 11th grade, from classes of mathematics-informatics. In the trainees’ group, there were 3 adult students and 21 underaged students who were accompanied in the mobility by three teachers. Mobility period in Germany was 7-25 March 2015. After the selection of the participants, they took part in the following activities of the project: -before leaving in the mobility: a debate, a cultural presentation of Germany, an entrepreneurial workshop, 6 hours of pedagogical training, 10 hours of linguistic training in English,10 hours of cultural training. -during the mobility: 90 hours of professional training at the company Alfatraining. In the first 2 weeks of the internship, they installed a PHP and MySQL web server, created scripts of control structures and data structures, functions, forms, sessions and also created and managed a database, they used classes, objects, FTP and secured web applications. During the last week of internship, the trainees, organized in teams, created 6 websites. To create the websites, the interns have developed CSS files, have used Photoshop tools, Office and Google. -after returning from the mobility: the interns created bilingual pages on the project’s blog and promoting materials, participated in disseminations, as well as organized and trained 35 other students during the Summer School’s courses. The final products are the 6 websites, 24 personal portfolios, a book – „PHP programming guide”, the project’s blog, a CD containing practical applications created during the mobility, 20 hours of PHP training during the summer school. Another result of the project is the introduction into the school’s educational offer of a new web programming optional course, available for 2 classes of 11th grade . There were no contractual changes. The impact on participants: the trainees created competitive software web products and developed a strong motivation for choosing a career in IT. A third of the participants has gotten involved in developing new web projects for different local companies or IT national contests. The trainees have easily integrated in the european multinational space and have internalized the feeling of national identity. They were actively involved in the project’s activities, in presenting the final products, in training other students during the Summer School’s courses. Upon their return, the students have showed maturity and efficient time management skills in activities whilst sharing their experience with their classmates, parents, teachers. The impact on the school’s students: the interest for participating in educational projects has increased. 60 students have chosen the web programming optional class while 35 students participated in the Summer School. The impact on the teachers: their interest to develop school mobilities projects and interdisciplinary projects has increased.The members of the management and implementation teams have gained experience in running European projects, an aspect that will be beneficial in future projects. The school’s participation in this project has multiple benefits. The optional courses have become more attractive to students. The book is an unique teaching auxiliary for highschool learning. The websites created during the mobility will facilitate on a long-term basis the communication and the organization of the information within our school and will improve its image in the local as well as in the national community.



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