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Acquisition of Innovative Training at VET learners
Date du début: 1 sept. 2016, Date de fin: 30 nov. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

A. In the first action of the mobility plan, the sending organization is the 3rd Technical & Vocational Lyceum of Sivitanidios School and host organization is , Zavod za Novodobno Izobraževanje company, (ZNI - Institute for New Age Education), which is headquartered in the city Maribor, Slovenia. In this activity will participate fifteen (15) students of the 3rd Technical & Vocational Lyceum of Sivitanidios School, who attend the sectors of Applied Arts and Engineering and more specifically the specialties of graphic arts, interior designers, carpentry and mechanical engineering. These students will be placed for three weeks on these businesses in the city Maribor Company: ADK - metal processing industry. - Company STARKOM- Automotive Group Daimler-Chrysler, - School of Design (Design) Maribor - Industrial Design Enterprise Srednja šola za oblikovanje Maribor - Studio Tandem - presentation & innovative practices for three-dimensional printing (3d printing), related to the subject of their studies. The responsibility of the students' placement lies on ZNI - Institute for New Age Education partner, who will support this project activity. The placement of the students at > in a country member of the European Union, is an attempt to connect the technical-vocational education , with the contemporary needs of labor market.B. As to the second flow of this project , the sending organization is the 3rd Technical & Vocational Lyceum of Sivitanidios School of Arts and Vocations and the host organization is the company .PRIVATE INSTITUTE PLATO EDUCATIONAL SERVICES LTD which is headquartered in the city of Limassol in Cyprus. In this mobility programme will participate (15) students of 3rd Technical & Vocational Lyceum of Sivitanidios School, who attend the sectors of Mechanical, Structural Engineering and Applied Arts, and more specifically from the fields of interior designers , carpentry, construction and plant engineering . In the first phase, it is planned to implement course seminars and workshops combining mechanical design and construction/building techniques in relation to the subject of specialization of students by accredited Vocational Training Institutes, under the responsibility of the Host Organisation PRIVATE INSTITUTE PLATO EDUCATIONAL SERVICES LTD. Students of all three sectors will be trained on innovative energy efficiency systems in public buildings by experienced trainers of the Organization and relevant professional qualifications objects. The aim of these lab courses is to train learners in innovative construction, to develop innovative and intelligent systemic approaches to green buildings and neighborhoods , for example building envelope, multi-objective and material design, prefabrication methods, approaches tailored in public buildings. Also, the aim of the course is learning construction techniques interactive sustainable buildings for energy neutrality / positivity in a building complex. The aim of the laboratory courses and even in a country of the EU, is to promote innovation in the field of technical vocational education as it combines a level of theoretical knowledge and technical skills different disciplines together. Beneficiaries who are placed there, perform tasks depending on the professional profile and the expected learning outcomes. Experienced instructors in construction will evaluate weekly the progress of participation. The main objectives and expected learning benefits of the project, for our students, are:- To acquire knowledge - To upgrade their qualifications- To gain work experience- To practice their knowledge in the English language , especially in vocational - technical terminology.- To be acquainted with the working conditions of another European professional environment, especially at a time when these countries are coming up with similar problems with Greece.- To develop the idea of lifelong learning.Host organizations are particularly experienced in both , work placements , and in practice and training - apprenticeship of trainees to be able to enhance the attractiveness of vocational education and training of pupils , so that ultimately the students can benefit from the exchange of knowledge and experience recommended.



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