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Acquisition d'une expérience linguistique et apprentissage de nouvelles techniques européennnes 11
Date du début: 1 juin 2016, Date de fin: 31 mai 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Saint Vincent de Paul is a comprehensive school that offers vocational, technical and A level training as well as two-year post graduate courses ( BTS) and a professional license ( BAC+3).The Erasmus Mobility Programs are part of our education project that includes openness on to Europe and more recently on to the world. We desire to give the same opportunities to all our students especially those training for vocational diplomas and often coming from unprivileged families, reluctant to Mobility Programs. Thanks to a different educative approach, our students regain the confidence they have lost and they are soon convinced that a work placement abroad will give value to their career path. Developing Mobility Programs has always been our goal and will always remain one of our priorities. As we live in a region where the unemployment rate is the highest, these Mobility Programs help our youth in their future job search. Within a school context, it makes them feel more comfortable and give them a confidence that will grow into an energy that will fuel their career path.Our objectives are also to enable them to develop professional and language skills as well as an adaptability and a sense of initiative that will be most appreciated by future employers . by creating new relationships and opening up to Europe they broaden their culture and fully experience the European citizenship.Each year, we enroll young students in this European adventure. They come from the European vocational classes in business, reception, administration and in a nOur relationships with all our foreign partners, supportive of our projects, are strengthening every year and we keep on developing our network, seeking new institutions and businesses adapted to the training of our students and which will offer them the best opportunities to reach their goals.grams for eleven years now and we are maintaining a high level quality, improving everything we can, through satisfaction surveys and regular assessments.Last year, we initiated a partnership with two hotel structures in Toledo interested in participating in this project. They have accepted to renew the experience. We have also turned our efforts to forming partnerships with English Speaking countries and this year, thanks to the Preston winning partnership, we can now offer our students a number of English host institutions and businesses.The role of all participants and partners is clearly defined:The role of Saint Vincent de Paul high school is first to inform and select potential candidates, then prepare their mobility An academic mentor is chosen to accompany and guide the young all through his/her project and this personal tutor is in charge of all the financial and administrative tasks. All our foreign partners participate actively and get involved in all the various stages of the project ranging from its preparation to the final student assessment. They also appoint a personal tutor who can identify the needs of each student throughout his/her training and assess him/her through national and European criteria at the end of the work placement.We can trust and rely on all of our partners: we share the same moral and education values that‘s why we can collaborate and define common objectives for each youth.We are utterly convinced that Mobility Programs help young people to fulfill their potential. They gain confidence, motivation and autonomy to pursue higher education. We do believe that these projects enhance their opportunities to be recruited more easily.



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