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Acquiring Languages is an ART!
Date du début: 1 sept. 2014, Date de fin: 31 août 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

In the changing and global world teaching or learning a language, especially English as a communication language all around the world is always considered as the main issue in education system. Altough teaching and learning a language must be an enjoyable activity it mostly becomes a difficult and undesirable process due to the many reasons such as unwillingness or some educational hardnesses. If that situation lasts for a long time teaching or learning languages turns into a nightmare both for the learners and the teachers. In duration of our project we will try to identify the mistakes or obstacles in languae teaching and to create a new and innovative e-learning and teaching software covering a lot many e-learning modules. Even after the project we will continue to improve the sotware which will be the intellectual outcome of our project in collaboration with the current and the possible future partners. In preparation and implementation stages the obstacles the learners and the teachers face will be analysed in detail and prosperous solutions will be tried to find out and put into action. Language learning and teaching process will be tried to be more challenging so that both learners and teachers can have fun and pleasure to be able to acquire and utter a language. We are four partner institutions two of which are the public schools from Turkey as the applicant organization and Poland as the partner, one private language school from Ireland and one SME from UK which experienced and have competence in devepoing and improving ICT based teaching and learning materials. The Bridge Mills Galway Language School is a private language school. As a leading teacher training centre in Ireland the school trains teachers who are both native and non native speakers. The Bridge Mills Galway Language School in Ireland is accredited by ACELS(Irish Department of Education) MEI - Marketing English in Ireland as well as Quality English and EAQUALS. The schools teacher training certificates are accredited by ACELS - Irish Department of education but the school, as a Cambridge, TIE and TOEIC examinations centre also offers Cambridge TKT examinations and training for teachers. The partner school, Zespol Szkol nr3 Pulawy, in Poland has experienced in EU projects and eager to share its experiences as a public school in EU member country. The third partner is Oxford Vision Consultancy located in London, UK provides bespoke education, training and recruitment solutions to governments, companies and schools in several countries. They have successfully managed group training, workshops and Project development in the following areas: English Language Development, Public Administration, Security Management, Oil& Gas, Maritime Management, Tourism& Hospitality, Aviation, Automotive, Media, TV& Broadcasting, Health Management, Teacher Training.They also recruited teachers, Instructors and experts to teach in schools, universities and corporate training. their collaboration will support our project especially in Language Learning Development and Teacher Training scopes. To the transnational meetings to be held in Turkey, Ireland, Poland and London three teachers, one director from schools and two persons from SME partner will attend. The meetings will be arranged to observe the current teaching process at schools, search the reasons of possible mistakes and to develop a new and innovative e-learning software which is the intellectual outcome of the project. Besides we will get two other outcomes; a project handbook including the results of polls, observation sheets, individual reports written by each participants during the meetings and some practical advices to the language teachers and a project film collecting the visual data of the project activities. In the long term period the project will have managed to create a really prosperous, innovative, and techonology based language teaching and learning athmosphere in the partner schools. The teachers and the learners as well as the headteachers in partner schools will be more motivated and qualified in language learning strategies and methods. By publishing every aspects of the project on our website and giving links to the partner organizations' website a multiplier effect of the project results will be managed. The participants, especially Turkish participants will add a Eupean Dimension to their professional career, all the participants will learn from their peers and colleagues and improve their qualifications in language teaching and ICT based teaching methods. As a whole the project will create a different and practical vision to language teaching and learning for all the relevant skateholders.



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