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Date du début: 1 juin 2016, Date de fin: 31 mai 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The consortium presented here has for objective to contribute to the updating and upgrading of the professional skills of all the participants. The main theme chosen for this project is to “deal with customers’ and clients’ greeting procedures”. The targeted public is students in Bac Pro in sales professions (Retail studies, Reception, Sales and trade). We want to give them an International experience on their CV, which will be a great asset for their professional future and recruitmentThe Académie de Lyon, the GIPAL, 15 French vocational high schools and 80 receiving partners in Europe are involved in that project. Motivation and involvement of all them show their willingness to work in team and share skills and practices. It is undeniable that the pooling of resources and practices has provided a new impetus and a new dynamism in the international programs coordinated by Académie. Reiterating this initiative, we confirm our commitment to International Mobility of young people and staff with the support of Erasmus ProgramThis innovative consortium reflects the variety of our Académie with a representative panel of 15 schools in the field of "sales professions". Supported by the Rectorat, this project aims at enriching the professional skills of the staff and the students. It also aims at strengthening the European dimension of this Baccalauréat which needs to improve its image and which has developed very few mobilities so far. This internship abroad will give an international dimension to the participants’ CV, a genuine added value when they look for a job in the near future. Within two years more than a 340 students aged 17-19 will work in 12 European countries. These students will be selected on their motivation to invest themselves in their formation. They will receive a linguistic and cultural preparation, which will be evaluated by CERL test on OLSThe objectives respect the recommendations of the EU commission, our decision to offer that chance to the students and staff meets the professional needs of the participants but also their EU recommendations. All of them are eager to discover new cultural and professional horizons. We have decided to share our foreign partners and receiving company lists, this is a real asset because it will create an efficient partnership network and give a greater legitimacy to our consortium on the local and European scenesThe content of the working program has been agreed on by all the partners and they are committed to respect the stages of the project: selection and common preparation of the participants, mobility and internship and finally evaluation and sharing of the impacts and results. These stages will imply a vast panel of people: staff, high schools, companies, academic authorities, families, associations, consulates, language assistants in France but also abroad. Each of these step is essential so that the impact felt by all of actors is in line with initial objectivesThe role of each partner is perfectly clear. The GIPAL carries the project. The Académie manages the project with the members of the consortium. The piloting committee is in charge of developing the project, of insuring the follow-up, the management and the evaluation of the project. The latter also has to check the financial balance and controls that the various actors meet their commitments. The sending organizations will respect the terms of the mobility program of the consortium. They are in charge of the evaluation of the participants. All French and European partners have an experience in placements since most of them have already used Mobility programs. So, each one knows one’s mission and it will done seriouslyThe young people will be more efficient on the job market, they will enrich their professional, cultural and linguistic skills, they will see Europe differently, they will improve their skills in ICT, they will be more autonomous. The partners will develop a network of training organizations, a partnership “company-school” at the European level, exchange innovative practices and give a new image to vocational schools. The staff will improve their professional skills, enrich their educational practices, exchange skills and knowledge and discover other education systems. Expected impact: improvement of the professional, practical and theoretical skills of the teachers. For the learners, it will be an undeniable professional added value which will be transformed into assets on the job market and it will offer career developments to the staffs involved in the project. Expected impact: renewal and sustainability of the project in 2018-2020. These impacts are tangible and easily measurableTo conclude, all the partners will be asked to transmit and promote the Eramus program in addition to proceed at the global evaluation of this program. This evaluation will aim to analyse positive and/or negative points and allow to adjust practices of all partners for next projects



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