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Accueil collectif de volontaires européens dans l'Aube
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 30 nov. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project is to welcome 5 young European volunteers simultaneously on 5 structures of the department: in the FDMJC de l' Aube, in the MPT Centre Social d'Arcis sur Aube, in the MPT de Bar sur Aube, in the MPT de Vendeuvre sur Barse and in the MPT de Brienne le Château. The welcome will be of collective type with a common accommodation and a apprenticeship of the collective life in Troyes, city centers and prefecture of the department. We wish to welcome these volunteers on a duration of 11 months, from October, 2015, what constitutes for our associations a complete season of activities. Every volunteer will be individually followed in his host organization. The FDMJC de l'Aube will assure the good coordination between these two structures and will also watch whom the volunteers are in good conditions outside time in the structures. It will get for the volunteers of the hours of linguistic training and can organize in house days of collective exchanges to land with the volunteers of the subjects who worry them. 5 volunteers will be invested each in their reception host organization, 4 every 5 days. According to the place of host, every volunteer will participate in the life of the structure within the framework of the activities developed locally. They will develop locally initiatives to value their experience and their country, with schools, within the framework of the welcome of leisure activities, or during specific times of their choice in agreement with the structure. They can participate in activities in the direction of the youth, in the cultural and artistic domain. They can also get involved on activities relative to the communication (radio, blogs, graphic, video creations, etc.). They will besides be involved in a collective project on the scale of the department. During the first 3 months of their voluntary service, the young people will discover reception facilities and more globally MJC network and its activities and will think about the implementation of a coherent collective project with its activities and with their aspiration and personal skills. This collective project will be proposed in the various structures and declined over the last 6 months by the voluntary service. This project of volunteers' collective welcome joins in a will to develop the mobility of the young people and the development of the tolerance and the interculturalité. This action contributes to value the role of Europe with the target public and the concerned local populations.



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