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Acceso a un Empleo de Calidad mediante Prácticas en Europa
Date du début: 1 oct. 2014, Date de fin: 30 sept. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

This Project has been targeted to IESVN’s students who pursue studies in Intermediate Level Vocational Training and Basic Vocational Training. The project took place in Italy, in particular in the cities of Palermo and Foligno. IESVN sent a total amount of 38 students and 4 accompanying teachers split between two flows of twelve weeks each. The first flow consisted of 18 students and 2 accompanying teachers (one teacher during the first week and the other during the last week) in Palermo in the academic year 2014/2015. The second flow consisted of 20 students who had their internships both in Palermo and in Foligno in 2015/2016. Foligno has also been included as a destination in order to expand students’ chances and to rely on a greater number of companies where students could do their internships. The different specialties of the students include: for Intermediate level Vocational Training, it included Carpentry and Furniture, Consumer Electronic Equipment, Machining, Electromechanical Maintenance, Electromechanical of Motor Vehicles, Telecommunications Installations, and for what regards Basic Vocational Training it included Vehicles Maintenance. The IESVN always had direct control over the project and carried out the coordination and revision of every aspect, from the drafting to the implementation, evaluation and dissemination. IESVN has organised the Erasmus+ project relying on the support of Asterisco and Egina for organisation of the basic services such as transport, accommodation, as well as for organisation of internships in the different host organizations. Students from IESVN have worked hard in order to achieve a training allowing them to improve their socioeconomic situation and to find a job in this period of crisis that we are currently living. Nowadays it is necessary to have practical experience in order to get a job. For this reason, young people who complete their Vocational Training at IESVN get the chance to multiply their possibilities to gain access to the labour market and to learn another language, which is considered indispensable to get a job. The principle objective of the project was giving to the students a beneficial experience that helps them in their future personal and professional life. Through this European experience and this training period abroad, the participant have reached this objective, increasing the quality of their training as well as expanding their knowledges and professional and linguistic competences.



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