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ACcelerate Trust in digital life Organisation and Relations (ACTOR)
Date du début: 1 juin 2010, Date de fin: 31 mai 2012 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Trust is an essential pre-requisite for connecting people in effective transactions. It builds in our society on elements like security, privacy, transparency, accountability and reputation.European strategy must aim at a strong competitive position in producing innovative solutions that bring new attractive ways of living and working that are perceived as trustworthy. They must ensure an experience of simplicity. Now it is time to address the fundamental societal issues raised by the introduction of digital technologies, by bringing together European stakeholders to promote trust in digital life.On 24 November 2008, Philips, Microsoft, Nokia and Gemalto took the initiative to establish the Trust in Digital Life Partnership. The coordination action ACTOR supports the TDL Partnership raising awareness of research and its results of trustworthy ICT. ACTOR supports the partnership in establishing a network by involving additional members for the definition of a SRA and implementation through research projects.The objectives of the proposed CA project ACTOR are focussed on:- Establishing a multidisciplinary partnership- Broad support to the TDL research roadmaps for longer-term research in the field of trustworthy ICT- Bundling and coordinating the effort of the Partnership members to develop a promising and ambitious SRA and Work plan for TDL.- Identification of a balanced portfolio with concrete project ideas for public funded research and innovation projects.ACTOR starts with a preparation phase to implement the required procedures, technical infrastructure and a collaboration framework and governance structure. Subsequently an initiation phase is envisaged where approximately 20-40 additional partnership members are invited to participate in the development of the Strategic Research Agenda and work program. The growth phase will continue to acquire new members for the partnership and coordinates the development of projects.



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