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Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Context, objectives, activities Academia is a European project that offers a catalogue of placements for guidance professionals. The main objectives of the project are : the acquisition of professional competences in the context of European LLL guidance, the development of language and intercultural skills, the sharing of knowledge about education and training systems in Europe, and the promotion of the benefits of a mobility week in a hosting partner structure. These mobilities are based on the exchange of practices on common themes. In the end the counselees will also benefit from the mobility of the guidance professionals. This project is proposed by a European partnership of institutions working in various and evolving contexts in the field of LLL guidance. The catalogue offers placements on transversal themes related to guidance. Guidance is at both a European and national level an important issue and a lever for achieving European goals concerning mobility, training and employment, above all for employment and education which are two of the five EU objectives in the Europe 2020 strategy. Participant Profiles Participants come from structures involved in LLL guidance. Guidance professionals must provide information and quality counselling to all target groups, especially to those who are furthest from training and employment. They work in a globalized economy, with a permanently changing European labour market that is in crisis, and where information technology and communication have grown extremely important. Information sources have multiplied, the number of guidance structures has increased, an so have the requests for counselling and support. At all levels professionals are asked to network and to be reactive in the implementation of training, employment and integration policies. If professionals need constantly updated information, they also raise questions regarding their identity, look for new ideas and feel the need to share and learn about other professionals. Methodology for the management of the project The partnership includes a European coordinator and national coordinators, hosting and sending institutions in each partner country. Together they define the themes that will be developed in the placements. Each coordinator organizes the placement(s) in his country, with hosting institutions that have expertise in counselling and guidance. The coordinator is responsible for the placements and the quality of their contents (information, exchange of best practices, placement periods, conviviality, evaluation). The coordinator also organizes the selection of the national professionals to be sent abraod. Expected results and impacts A Europass Mobility is given to each participant, describing the contents of the placement in terms of knowledge and skills. (professional and intercultural knowledge, exchange of best practices , initiation and implementation of professional networks, information on the European dimension of guidance, linguistic skills, knowledge in new tools, ... ). After the placement, the participant will become a multiplier of mobility. The participant will disseminate the results of the mobility experience with colleagues so that they can also benefit from the mobility and the Erasmus + activities . Through the sharing of innovative practices at a European level, the counselees of guidance professionals (youth, students and adults) will receive practical information, tips and counselling that take into account the European dimension and the benefits of the mobility experience. The results for the partnership are: a further development of transnational and national cooperation, and a strengthening of expertise in the field of guidance professionals' mobility. Potential long-term benefits - the development of the European dimension in guidance activities should benefit both the structures and their clients; - the implementation of new networks of professionals; - the evelopment of new mobility projects. (multiplication and innovation) - the exchange and dissemination of innovative practices implemented in Europe should help to reduce drop-out in education and training; and finally - the promotion of mobility, especially among the most vulnerable populations, should enable them to enhance their skills and improve their employability.



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