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Absorbing learning EVS project
Date du début: 1 août 2015, Date de fin: 30 sept. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Since the association deses 3,we firmly believe that every young person with a broad desire to be integrally formed as active and participatory citizens integrated into the European community, you must live an EVS project based on an experience of non-formal learning that seeks to provide knowledge, skills and new attitudes to the person participating in this type of the action program and that result in the acquisition and development of skills, where participants must be aware of the learning process in which they are immersed. We need for our locality through the reception of 2 volunteers, create a special approach to the citizens of Medina del Campo on the concept of European Union, because the living in small towns, it becomes difficult to feel European citizen because we not have opportunities to see clear examples as an EVS with all the benefits that this project have. Objetives of EVS project "Absorbing learning". - Create a stable volunteer bag that meets the needs of both users and the entity: - Properly train volunteers in a social model focused and standardized and participation in non-profit organizations helping to carry out activities for people and their interests - Provide human and material resources required, voluntary action - Learn new skills (knowledge, skills and abilities) that can acquire through their work or own context that surrounds the project after the adaptability to different environments. - Acquire new social skills and learn to work together. - Learn and master a second language while also learning a culture, customs and different country. - Assimilate and implement the concept of European citizenship, disseminate and promote the European mobility program "Erasmus +" as an opportunity for continuous learning and recognition. - Develop a Multicultural coexistence with their fellow / as EVS project, local and provincial citizenship. Participants will have an age between 18 and 30 years, male and female, with interest or experience in associations and cultural, youth, recreation and leisure, sport, formal and non-formal, with real interest in knowing the culture and language of Spain, and open to learn and assimilate concepts and experiential learning experience that will form a comprehensive manner based on the methodology of non-formal education. Each held his EVS project in the town of Medina del Campo for 10 months, where they will live in an apartment with all needs met and enjoy a volunteer project fully integrated with contributions and diverse for them learning by participating in life of 5 different entities such as the Association deses 3, the protector of animals Scooby Association Route Verdejo, the city of Medina del Campo with your local department of development and Scout group San Juan de la Cruz, all they integrated into the local volunteer plan of Medina del Campo. The activities developed are described in support, information and diffusion of each of the entities previously mentioned, language courses, preparation and implementation of workshops for children, games, environmental activities, lectures, exhibitions, cultural visits, translation of Web content, etc. Our methods of working and learning in all these activities will be based on a bi-education through which knowledge, values, habits and behaviors are transmitted. Education not only occurs through the word, is present in all our actions, feelings and attitudes that are embodied in the set of skills, knowledge, attitudes and values ​​acquired by the volunteer and vice versa when the transmitted experience and skills to partners and citizens with that work. What we are commonly called non-formal education. With the achievement of this project we cover basic needs for the vision of a EVS structures of participation and European citizenship, in addition to the experiential experience, such as: - Open a new workspace in our organization to participate directly and it's the volunteers who come from other countries. - Provide to the young of Medina del Campo, that they know other cultures, by visualizing and living with two volunteers for 10 months in Medina del Campo. - Log structures, skills and actions extrapolated to their countries and municipalities of residence participation. - Improve your participation forums and social skills. - Learn and master a second language while also learning a culture, customs and different country. Both partner organizations and organizer, participants and communities of origin are direct beneficiaries of the results.



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