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Date du début: 1 juil. 2015, Date de fin: 30 juin 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

PLAIAUNDI High School wants to take part in the ERASMUS+ programme as an addiction to its academic and vocational courses on offer after having had a long experience in this type of schemes and having been involved in the former Leonardo Da Vinci and Erasmus programmes. Our objective in taking part in this programme is to reach students on different levels: academic and vocational, having work placements in different companies and improving language skills; personal, developing personal autonomy; social, promoting multiculturalism and coexistence; and professional, making communication easier and strengthening links between students and host companies. The project participants are freshly graduate students or students who are doing their second year of a Vocational Course and are going to have a work placement in another European country to get fully qualified. These students are, in most cases, aged 17-26, and only one of them has work experience. Nevertheless, due to the current economic situation, there are more and more mature students looking for a way back into education in order to improve their career prospects. The students taking part in the programme will obtain essential skills by completing the following Vocational Courses: IT Studies (Computer Systems and Networks), Health Studies (Nursing Assistants), Business Administration (Office Administration) and Social Care Studies (Caring for people with special needs). In order to carry out this project, PLAIAUNDI High School has been working closely with its partners for several years and these partners are a great support for our students in the host countries. Taking part in this project will lead to improvements in all fields and levels such as: - For the student: personal and professional achievements. - At local and regional level: a wider offer of training courses and better job prospects for both the school and the students. - At national level: boosting the reputation of Vocational Training in our education system. - At European and international level: the internalization of the school maintaining close links among companies, partners and the school.



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