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Abriendo espacios en Europa
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project " Abriendo espacios en Europa" has set as its main objectives to expand our school's horizons in order to contribute to the improvement of the quality of our vocational training systems and institutions, to support the students' acquisition and use of competences, taking into account their personal development and the need to increase their employability and participation in the labour market in an European context and to increase the attractiveness of both vocational training and of the mobility of trainees, and all this in line with the objectives of the programme Erasmus+ and with the strategy of European economic growth. IES de Fene is a school of Secondary Education and Vocational Training, with vocational studies in the branches of refridgeration and air conditioning systems, electromechanical maintenance of machinery and car maintenance, which is located on the outskirts of Fene, an area poorly served by public transport and economically depressed and with a very delicate situation of unemployment nowadays. This project would therefore be very beneficial for the school, its students and the region in general, because, as we have experienced with previous mobility projects, it would open up new opportunities and a European projection that undoubtedly enriches us at all levels. With regard to the participants in this project, they are 6 students, aged 17 to 22 years, in their 2nd school year of their respective vocational cycles, with no previous experience in European projects or in travelling abroad. The four-week-long internship abroad would thus mean for these students an opportunity to get a more complete and fruitful learning experience, to meet other European countries, and to develop an interest in finding new areas of opportunities in the European labor market. As for the activities to be performed, these can be divided into activities before the internship period abroad (several activities to carry out beforehand: linguistic preparation, training, etc), activities during stay: of a purely technical content (work placement for four weeks in the third term of the school year) or of a transversal nature (social and cultural activities that allow students to approach the host country), and activities after the stay (working on reports, presentations and talks about the experience). The planning and monitoring of the activities will be carried out by the sending partner in agreement with the host partners and with their collaboration . The activities to be implemented in the host country will be monitored by the host partners, always with a regular and fluid communication with the sending partner, who is responsible for keeping track of all them. As regards to the impact of the project, we can say that this would be highly beneficial on several levels: on the participants, it would improve their preparation and, consequently, their employability and enhance their sense of belonging to the EU .; with respect to the school, it would improve its teaching quality, it would bring a clear added value, which would act as a magnet for potential new students and it would also strengthen ties with host partners, which could lead to the possibility of new partnerships within the European framework; and finally, in the context of the region, it would result in an approach to other European realities (European dimension) and it would bring greater dynamism to the area (in the field of cooperation). In conclusion, this project is very important to our school because it provides opportunities for collaboration at a European level that can emerge as long- term sustainable and our region and its citizens need of projects like this, which increase job opportunities and training of their youth in a context of a clearly beneficial nternationalization.



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