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Above and Beyond
Date du début: 1 janv. 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

“Above and Beyond” is an EVS project which will take place at YMCA Baia Mare Association in Baia Mare, Romania. The project will host 4 volunteers from Armenia, Lithuania, Spain and Ukraine, for 10 months, from 1st of May 2015 until 1st of March 2016. We want this project to promote the importance of adopting a tolerant attitude, of fight against poverty and exclusion, particularly by the fact that the project involves two volunteers with fewer opportunities (from Armenia and Ukraine) as well as activities with the children and youth from the Roma community but also the ones from the local community. The objectives of the project are: - Promoting non-formal education methods - Promoting active citizenship and volunteering among youth - promoting solidarity and tolerance for the marginalized - Promoting the importance of intercultural learning, intercultural dialogue and multilingualism among young people - Promoting Erasmus + and the opportunities it brings for young people - Promoting respect for cultural and European diversity and the fight against racism and xenophobia among young people - Mutual understanding between young people from different cultures Activities that the volunteers will coordinate include the project main themes such as: Roma communities, creativity and culture, active participation of young people. The methods used in carrying out the activities are non-formal, such as animations, energisers, ice breakers games, team games, role plays, debates, learning by playing, etc. Volunteers will coordinate various activities in the local community including: social inclusion activities with children and youth from the Roma communities, with children and young people in foster homes, "afterschool" activities with students in primary schools, will share their experience on a weekly updates blog, will coordinate workshops of art and culture, according to their skills and creativity, will participate in events and will organize various activities in the host community. By the end of the project, the volunteers will organize at least 3 World Cafes for young people on various topics ( active citizenship, volunteering) and 1 Living Library, will attract at least 50 young people in their workshops. In the host community the project will lead to better visibility and popularity of Erasmus + Programme and the opportunities it offers to young people, to a greater awareness of the need for social inclusion, tolerance and acceptance of cultural and European diversity around us. On long term, we want a partnership network expansion towards partner countries, which will become an example of good practice.



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