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Abilities to share
Date du début: 1 sept. 2016, Date de fin: 30 sept. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The theme of this EVS is the topic of disability and how it is perceived in the context in which the 4volunteers will be hosted and the developing countries where Tulime operates (specifically, Tanzania). Tulime is carrying out a project to support people with disabilities and albinism in Tanzania; in Palermo Tulime supports some communities of people with mental problemsand now aims to continue its commitment to support other centers for individuals with physical disabilities. Tulime, thanks to this project will give the possibility to 4 European volunteers, aged between 22 and 28 to live a concrete experience linked to this topic that will help them to put into practice their own abilities and to discover other pensonal skills. He will develop a strong awereness about complex topics like disability and sociaal assistance, international cooperation to development, mutual help, cultural shock and cultural diffecrences. Volunteers will be a strong local resource and will have the chance to be the "bridge" that will approach the two contexts: the italian and european one and the african one.The general objectives are the promotion of the culture of volunteerism and the active participation of volunteers within the social context; offering a strong multicultural experience, as opportunity for personal growth; develop the skills of the involved volunteers and their awareness on the values of solidarity, respect for diversity and environmental sustainability; promote the values of the "Community Cooperation"; involving the volunteers in the reflection on the issue of the risk of social exclusion.All activities aim at the development of new awareness in the volunteers, the development of a real commitment and the development of their capacity in understanding problems that have origin in different places of the planet. Volunteers will be personally involved in activities that have a positive impact on the local community and, at the same time, will support communities in Tanzania, by supporting projects of cooperation.Activity 1 "Promotion of Community Cooperation in the field of disabilities"Supported by Tulime, volunteers will be involved in the 1)analysis of projects concerning disability in developing countries, with the aim of identifying the specific characteristics of Community Cooperation, 2) context analysis (Palermo and italian background) on the topic), 3) confrontation abouth the topic of disabilitiesamong their countries Attività 2 "Awareness raising and information campains"The volunteers will be involved in the realization of activities in some schools of Palermo to make the children and youngsters aware about the topic of disabilities taking as base the results of the previous researches : moments of sharing through the organization of film festivals on the theme, workshops, puppets performances. All the activities will be linked to the main topic of the "multicultuural conception od disability."Activity 3 "Activities to support the project in Tanzania"These activities are designed to raise awareness in the volunteers about the existence of the phenomenon of disability in African territories, and in particular the analysis of its perception and possible help.The volunteers will be involved in: activities of training and information with Tulime (reading and analysis of reports, analysis of projects on disability and albinism in Tanzania, support in the design of new interventions); activities of storytelling; creation of a documentary entitled: ""Abilità da Condividere: l' Europa, l'Africa, le nuove abilità" (Abilities to share: Europe, Africa, the new abilities). Volunteers will be able to improve their communication skills and teamwork, their organizational skills and their ability in cultural dialogue.The volunteers, through and during the implementation of the various activities, will come into contact with other EVS volunteers and not (at least 30), a large number of local participants in the promoted events (400-500), operators who deal with voluntary service about disabiity and cooperation (at least 20) , people affected by disability (at least 40), 200 students of the schools. The impact will therefore see a strong involvement of volunteers in terms of active participation and personal involvement. the impact the project will have long-term effects because of the strong connections of the theme to cross-cutting themes and world.



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