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Abilităţi şi competenţe practice europene în pregătirea viitorilor asistenţi medicali
Date du début: 1 oct. 2016, Date de fin: 30 sept. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Increasing the quality and efficiency of education and training, which is a strategic objective in European education ( ET2020) and the necessity of preparing workforce with professional competences asked on labor market health is one of the major objectives of Graduated School of Health “Christiana“ from Craiova . The degree of insertion of school graduates on the labor market is low, these not having the required practical abilities on labor market and not being enough prepared to integrate themselves in various cultural environments , lingual ones or social , from the European space . Creating some strategic partnership with health units in Europe and the expending mobility opportunities for training can make the education more attractive for the school pupils, helping them to acquire knowledge, abilities and competences, which will make them more prepared and more competitive on the European labor market.The project “European practical skills and competencies in the training of future nurses” aims to contribute to the quality growth in education and forming nurses to become better prepared in order to integrate on the national European labor market.The participants on the project will be 50 pupils from the first and second year from the Graduated School of Health “Christiana “Craiova, being in the initial training (IVT), the qualification of General Nursing, who will fulfill an European training investment, in the session 24th of April – 28th of May 2017 and 19th of June – 23rd of July 2017, in a sanitary unit from Campobasso, Italy.During the 5 weeks (150 Hours ) of training investment , the participants will form and improve the specific abilities and competences to the module which have clinic traineeships , in addition to the curriculum for the first and second year , for the qualification of General Nursing.The abilities and professional skills acquired by the participants will be evaluated on practical samples by the tutors and recorded in the mobility Document Europass. They will be recognized as being acquired by the Graduated School of Health “Christiana “, the pupils will be noted at the clinic probation at those professional training modules and will receive the loans associated with these modules .At the end of the training placement, those 50 participants will have better abilities and professional competences, new abilities and nursing techniques, who will favor an easy transition at the participants from school to work.The work experience in a European sanitary unit and the skills of using advanced medical technologies will allow the participants new opportunities to work on the European labor market in the sanitary area.The work experience in a multicultural team, the accustom with the European values, the improvement of lingual competences and those of cultural communication, repeating the professional communication in a multicultural team and with sick people coming from other cults, the social and cultural experience in an European country will make the 50 participants better prepared to work, to integrate themselves in different cultural contexts and to participate more actively in the society.The project will contribute to the growth of education quality and training given by Graduated School of Health “Christiana “, at the diversification and attractiveness of the school educational offer, to the adapting training of the European specific labor market and even to the facility of graduate employment to the partnership medical units. On the long term, the project will contribute to the growth of the VET capacity system of adapting the professional training to the needs of qualifying, asked by the employers in the sanitary area, leading to the growth of insertion on the regional, national and European market of the graduates.



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