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A Spirit of Unity
Date du début: 17 juin 2014, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2014 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

This Project is a seminar for Youth workers/volunteers working with young people from 16-22 years old in Scouting. Participants are 50 youth workers/volunteers working with this age group from all over Europe. The objectives are to further develop the educational programme for this age group in Scouting. The development has been going on for some time now and Scout associations in Europe are in different places when it comes to programme for this age. Some have been doing it for years while other are just starting. We are meeting the need of organizations to adopt an educational proposal for rovers. Having good educational programme of high standard supports the aim of scouting to make their participants better citizens and therefore better prepared for future jobs and other challenges. The initiatives planned within the project are offering opportunities both for a theoretical , conceptual debate on the issue as well as practical opportunities for direct and real participation in major European initiatives. We will use different methods of work during seminar. The main goal is as much input from participants and influence on the way we will construct our discussion. There will be a traditional way of lectures, panel debate and others that we call "walkie talkie" where participants are group in 3 to discuss certain topics. The results will be youth workers/volunteers that have better skills in working in a multi-cultural environment with more knowledge of the tools available for them to use. The impact on organizations is that they will be better prepared to adopt the rover programme and that will impact their rovers. Adapting a programme for this age section will help keeping them around in scouting for longer and make the organizations stronger. Long term benefits will be better programme for rovers all over Europe. This work will go on as programme is always developing and the society is always changing. It is build on the good foundations already there and will be a good foundation for further devolopment. The new technologies introduced to participants will benefit both them and other members of their associations on the future.



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