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A social Europe for youth: education to employment
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

This project focuses on EU social values, policy and actions concerning especially education and employment policies and programs. We intend to improve the academic curricula bringing into courses' content relevant issues and creating bridges between theory and practice, preparing youth for labor market not only with professional knowledge but also with abilities and skills for negotiation, job application, vocational orientation. We have noticed there is a need on facing social problems like youth unemployment and there are many people affected in a direct or non-direct way about this problem. Bringing together the strategy of implementing EU’s objectives and directions on employment and educational policy we intend to accomplish a dual research/teaching activity offering theoretical knowledge and employment skills through activities centered on: a research, 2 academic courses, an International Conference - bringing together academics, but also students, companies representatives, civil society, politicians, debating on labour market, labour mobility, a summer school using a modern methodology, simulating interviews, facing with real employers, learning to create a CV, a letter of intention, to manage an interview. All the informations, scientific knowledge but also opinion and suggestion resulted from the debates will be disseminated and shared with all participants and large public, through a glossary of social terms and organizations and a volume comprising the most relevant papers presented in the conference.Also an important objective is to promote research in the EU social and educational area at academic level, strengthening teaching capacity of the Department of Political Science and Communication and International Relation an European Study Department from Oradea University and to encourage and engage in a series of youth research and projects in the same area, finalized in graduating License work and Dissertation paper with relevant topics.