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A simple, easy to use and secure eco-innovation technology to enable retailers reduce the environmental and financial cost of paper receipt and vouchers (ECREBO)
Date du début: 18 juin 2012, Date de fin: 17 juin 2014 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

UK SME ecrebo Ltd have developed a green business process for the retail sector, enabling retailers to issue digital receipts and vouchers from point of sale (POS). We estimate that over 200,000 tonnes of paper are used for receipts in Europe per annum. The majority of this is thermal paper, a speciality paper impregnated with chemicals including Bisphenol-A, increasing its potential for environmental harm, especially with chemicals leaching from receipts at landfill and recycling water streams. Our technology provides the solution to eliminate this waste.The retail sector within Europe and the consumers who use it are ready to embrace ICT to transform the issuance of receipts. Digital receipts are already commonplace with online shopping and an increasing majority of consumers want digital receipts from retailers. Our technology enables retailers to issue digital receipts and coupons from existing POS infrastructure, by a simple software upgrade. Customers can create an account, which allows them to securely receive digital receipts and vouchers online and via smartphone applications.In this project, we want to demonstrate our greening business process to the retail sector in Europe, focusing on the UK, France, Germany and Spain. We will roll out our system to retailers and consumers whilst optimising services through user feedback. We will implement our system into at least 15 retail stores and register at least 1500 customer accounts.388 billion transactions occurred in Europe in 2008, with estimations of over 400 billion transactions in the present day. Yet the environmental impact of the paper receipts that are generated as a result of these transactions has never been assessed.We will generate over twelve months of data in order to conduct a groundbreaking Life Cycle Assessment of paper receipts and compare it to our digital solution.