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A seed to grow
Date du début: 29 juin 2016, Date de fin: 28 mars 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The poorest communities in almost any region tend to be minority communities that have been targets of long-standing discrimination, exclusion and sometimes violence. Women and girls from minority groups experience multiple and intersectional forms of discrimination based on both their minority status and their gender.Minority women frequently experience multiple forms of oppression, and the oppression can vary depending on who she is dealing with (e.g. her minority community, majority community, institutions, etc.).Objectives:o to empower and develop the participants `competence in gender mainstreaming and gender based violence;o to Introduce the concepts and methods of minority and women rights used in youth work promoting women participation from the local level to the national and European level;o to promote different approaches to intercultural learning and gender based violence related with participants’ experiences;o to develop practical approaches and methods for translating gender equality, gender based violence and human rights education into youth work practice within the minority communities;o raise the awareness on gender issue and stimulate participants to act as multiplayer in minority communities;o to develop a strong network and possibly plan future cooperation project.



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