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A School for tomorrow’s Europe: Dropout Prevention, Intervention, and Retrieval through Art Education
Date du début: 5 sept. 2016, Date de fin: 4 sept. 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project aims to create a learning community based on training especially focusing on the fight against school failure and earlyschool dropouts using Art education as a powerful tool. This problem, although with different figures arises in the participatingregions. Art education is not only to be seen as a topic in ‘history, art and culture’ subjects but offers great potential forreaching the Erasmus+ transversal key competences as set out by the Reference Framework: learning to learn, social and civiccompetences, sense of initiative and entrepreneurship and cultural awareness and expression. Because innovation, creativity andentrepreneurship are increasingly important in the current job market, particularly in today‘s rapidly changing society with thedemand for more flexible workers, the project aims at providing the target group with the necessary tools to develop these aspectsamongst early-school leavers through Art education and to build teacher capacity for competence oriented education in anart context. For this target group we expect awareness of the potential of Art education for the acquisition of transversalkey competences and new skills to accomplish these aims in this new context.For Art providers we expect a greater attention for the key competence acquisition potential and better cooperation withschools and teacher training organisations.The consortium aimed at involving the target-groups of the project in the main activities of the project in order to address theirneeds more properly. Thus, a survey will be carried out in all partners‘ countries with the collaboration educators and early schoolleavers. Also, a collection of learning techniques considered as good practices will be promoted. The findings of both activities willcontribute to defining the contents of the Guidebook for Teachers, Trainers and Managers (TTM), two guides “A School for tomorrow’s Europe: Bridging the Gap developing inclusive practice with Early School Leavers” and “School failure and dropping out: innovative didactic and guidance methodologies”. These workshops are going to be one of the major activities to be completed in the 2nd year of the project. As such, the most important outcomes produced so far are two Guides containing, respectively, the conclusions about the current needs of the target groups and several techniques to promote creativity and an entrepreneurial spirit. After the realization of the workshops and the development of the final version of the Guides, an Event to present all the consortium's outcomes implemented in all partner‘s countries will be promoted to present the project‘s results, to experience some of the techniques used at the workshops and also to distribute the final products of the project. Through the project, we are proposing:* to improve school success and motivation,* to fight against school failure and absenteeism ,* to decrease anti-social behavior,* to create growth in extracurricular activities* to have result in fewer learning and behavior problems* to inform parents and community on the importance of education* to increase motivation of the students.



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