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A research agenda on implementation research in chronic care (IMPLEMENT)
Date du début: 1 sept. 2013, Date de fin: 31 août 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

"Europe’s population is growing older at a rapid pace, increasing the cost and threatening the future access and quality of healthcare in Europe. For a large part this is due to the rise of patients in need of chronic care. Healthcare in general, and chronic care in particular are in need of new ways of providing care, simply because the demand for chronic care cannot be met by the existing care infrastructure.At the same time Europe puts a lot of effort in funding research projects aimed at helping to build up innovative and sustainable healthcare systems in Europe. A surprisingly small number of outcomes of these projects are incorporated into actual care practice. This “implementation gap” keeps European citizens from benefitting from money spent on health research.This CSA therefore aims at taking implementation research (for chronic care) to the next level in order to enhance the scientific output and reap the benefits of its outcomes in everyday healthcare practice. This is done by combining knowledge from the organization of chronic care (Chronic Care Model) and knowledge from the young scientific field of implementation research.The main objective of this CSA will be to develop a Research Agenda for healthcare innovation implementation, focused on chronic care self-management support and delivery design. This will be done by performing an Assessment, involving 300+ experts on the knowledge and knowledge gaps concerning this topic. Next to the Assessment, a network (EU level and national) of institutions will be created, including science, industry, government, health care organizations, patients and professionals. This network will validate and later adopt the Research Agenda.The impact of this CSA is far fetching as it has the potential to influence the health of European citizens, the efficiency of the chronic care sector, the competitiveness of European medical devices industry and the effectiveness of the European funding of healthcare research."



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