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Date du début: 10 janv. 2015, Date de fin: 25 sept. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project will train 24 youth leaders, workers, trainer, teacher and students to strengthen them in becoming actors and multipliers in the process of conflict transformation. The course will promote a better understanding of conflict transformation as a concept, the difficulties that come with it, and how it fits in the wider context of conflict management, peace education, peace-building. The project will offer a safe space for participants to speak about conflict and how it has impacted their lives, and to state freely ways how the conflicts can be transcended; to secure an open-minded and constructive debate that will allow each participant to reflect on their own conflict as well as the others; The training will bring about an integrated approach to conflict management for people active in national, regional and the larger local organisations and structures in the adult education field. It will discuss conflict and the conflict management in a holistic way, meaning that all stages of the conflict will be addressed, starting from the conflict within oneself to the biggest and most uncontrolled way of conflict, namely war. Each of the stages will be tackled in such a way, that the participants will experience somehow the conflict, elaborate on the causes and they will be given tools to control, predict and resolve it. The project will support skills, qualifications and personal development of the participants; It will empower youth workers with knowledge of practical skills in how to organize new approaches/ methodologies in working with their target groups; The participants will have good impact by sharing of experiencing/ tools, approaches between youth workers of how they tackle the problems. Youth workers will have the knowledge of how to establish and use new quality project approaches The project is to contribute the prevention of violence and resolution of community and political conflict through mediation, facilitation and skills training and discussions among young leaders. The project will strengthen the peace building and reconciliation processes in Europe and improve the life of young people, in particularly, those living in conflict affected communities by raising the quality of non-formal educational activities addressing peace building, reconciliation, conflict transformation. The project will be based on a balanced mixture of interactive methods promote and share best practice between each other. During the project, participants will be provided with theoretical background on how to facilitate reflections after various activities. Afterwards, there will be several opportunities for each participant to train newly adopted methods. This is aimed to inspire participants to incorporate these activities in their own youth work and gain mastery in closing activities. Supported by reflection after activities, young people can truly learn from experiential activities. The project will support to develop strategies, establish new contacts and develop common project ideas in the framework of Erasmus+.



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