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A napenergia hasznosítás technológiájának és gyakorlati oktatásának tanulmányozása Spanyolországban
Date du début: 1 juil. 2014, Date de fin: 30 juin 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The title of the project: The utilization of the sun energy and study of its practical vocational education in Spain. The goals of the project: The renewable energy, especially how can be implemented the results of the sun energy utilization into the vocational fields, mainly into the dual vocational education. The experiences would be implemented into the vocational education field as the result of the project. We would spread broadly in the society, initially the vocational education of the renewable energy utilization would be improved, and afterwards we could change the consciousness in regard to the environmental issues, and in the long run our project could help the local industry and could increase the number of the work places in this area. The reason for choosing the aimed area was that the technology of the renewable energy usage is highly developed in South-Spain and the numbers of the sunshine hours are also high there. South-Hungary has also good potential in this regard, thus it is possible to use the technology, which we would study. We would like to carry out the project in the frame of a consortium, because the long run affects can be assured only this way. The BéKSZI couldn’t achieve the aimed goals on its own. We involved the Óbudai Egyetem and the Magyar Kereskedelmi és Iparkamara which are participating in the elaboration of the vocational curriculums and in the development of the dual vocational education system. The Óbudai egyetem has renewable energy workshops, so they can provide us the high quality professional background. They can support the project from higher expertise and from the decision-maker level. The Békéscsabai Központi Szakképző és Kollégium educates the renewable energy utilization and it has workshops and staff, however the school would like to extend this education to the dual vocational education system and to the practical training places in Békés County. The Békés Megyei Kereskedelmi és Iparkamara organizes the vocational trainings locally and keep in touch with the companies and small and medium enterprises in the county. They control the vocational training places and organize the dual vocational system. All the three participants of the consortium are necessary for the realization of the project. The participants of the consortium could achieve significant added value during the mutual project work and there will be a multiplication affect too. The duration of the study tour abroad is planned from 11.10.2014 to 18.10.2014. The number of the participants is 8 persons, who are: 3 experts from the Óbudai Egyetem, 2 experts from the Békés Megyei Kereskedelmi és Iparkamara, 3 experts from the Békéscsabai Központi Szakképző Iskola és Kollégium



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