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A man with a plan under the sun
Date du début: 25 juin 2014, Date de fin: 24 déc. 2014 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Sunway to Heaven 3 is a volunteer project in which 20 young people will come to support different projects for De Amiticia during summer. They will be involved in the Alliance Work Camps, but also they will have the opportunity to participate in sheepherding project , tree planting and street theater ( Donkey Caravan project ) as well as other work of the Association ( apiculture...) . To do this , they will be for at least 7-15 days immersed in our activity in the Sierra Norte de Madrid, getting to know the way we work and the project they choose , and participating in practical and theoretical training . Afterwards, the young will travel by the geography and environment of our region or outside, supporting the coordination of volunteer camps and other projects , enjoying the intense experiences as the leaders of the projects . In this period they also undertake work of monitoring and evaluation of projects and also through non-formal education workshops. The last phase of his volunteer work will aim to conduct evaluation and dissemination of these projects. Throughout the project, youth also will support structural activities of the association, for instance beekeeping, gardening,... It is an ambitious project that aims to involve a higher number of young people in an intense volunteer experience that will impact very positively on our organization and in personal and social development of themselves.



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