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A Mad Tea Party
Date du début: 1 mai 2015, Date de fin: 31 janv. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Our project is based in Tuscania, where our volunteers will live. Tuscania is a beautiful medieval town well connected with both places of activities (Tarquinia and Montalto di Castro) in Lazio. The activities will start on the 1st of September 2015. This is a 12 month project. The house is in via Oberdan, 48, situated in the city center of Tuscania. The house has all the facilities and a wi-fi connection. It has two large double rooms, a big dining room, a bathroom and a kitchen. Each volunteer have sufficient space to ensure their own privacy. The activities will take place 5 days per week with a weekly mixed, balanced sheet, we will use a rotating schedule so that, at the end of the project, all the volunteers have experienced every type of activity and have worked with all the other volunteers. The service will never exceed 35 hours per week (including Italian lessons). The structures of Alice are perfectly capable of hosting 4 volunteers at the same time, having the Cooperative Alice many activities. Volunteers will be involved in two main types: 1) rural and outdoors activities with people with disabilities in Montalto di Castro - Social Farm "Ortostorto." Ortostorto is an irregular cultivated field where volunteers will assist Alice operators in therapeutic use of farming practices. A social farms uses their daily activities to provide health-care services, social or educational activities for a number of vulnerable and disadvantaged people, providing them with constant supervision, a structured program of agricultural activities related to welfare including animal fostering, cultivation of vegetables and selling of the products. At the farm there are also activities related to pet therapy and sports and outdoor activities. 2) The second type of activity is settled in a rehabilitation center in Tarquinia, where Alice runs a rehabilitation center for mental and physical illnesses (centto riabilitativo Luigi Capotorti). Here the volunteer will be involved in creative workshops and artistic labs, in order to support social activities for people with disabilities. There will be two main types of activities: an art workshop (painting) and a laboratory to develop autonomy (kitchen laboratory). These two types are joined by others from year to year, even considering the profile of the selected volunteers. The methodology is the use of therapeutic recreational and leisure facilities to help people with illnesses, disabilities, actively using their free time with methodologies that will enhance their health, independence and well-being. In both activities, but especially in the second type, we require volunteers to be proactive in developing, if they wish, other assets and to promote innovative workshops for people with disabilities because the point of view of young Europeans volunteers can help to create new solutions for the achievement of a social inclusion. We have already hosted volunteers at these places, their contribution was priceless. They brought in Alice enthusiasm, knowledge, and opening up new perspectives. Each of them has, in its own way, improved the host organization, maybe only because it has bring its own specific knowledge or an hobby or passion that has been used actively. Every experience is unique, personal and unrepeatable. Each volunteer can be a very valuable resource. This is the reason why we want to start a new project with 4 new volunteers coming in part from new countries, cultures and traditions so new and yet to discover. The long-term goals will be visible to the host organization which relies on the continuouspassage of volunteers from many different countries who teach us recipes from their countries, tell us their stories, teach us a few words in their native languages . The effect that most satisfied all of us and encourages us to continue to coordinate projects in Alice are disabled people who ask us when the new volunteers are coming and from which countries.



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