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A kultúrák kaleidoszkópja
Date du début: 1 août 2016, Date de fin: 30 nov. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Kaleidoscope is a youth exchange reflecting a cultural variegation, which will be implemented with the collaboration of NGOs from 4 countries, Hungary, Romania, Macedonia and Bulgaria. The project idea comes from the initiative of multiple disadvantaged young people in the horizon of the Hungarian organization. The detailed programme is the work of the experts dealing with young people at the participating organizations. The project builds on real needs, the topic turns to the origination of young people that they would like to get to know the cultures and traditions of other countries, breaking out from their tight surroundings, widening their field of vision, getting new information.From each country 8 young people, 16-21 years and one group leader participates in the project, altogether 36 people. Many of the participants are disadvantaged. Young people who are talented but they can’t evolve their talent because of their strong life circumtances. Because of poverty they can’t access to services that could help them with developing their abilities or widening their knowledge. Certain areas of their abilities must be developed and also the expansion of their relations is necessary too. Despite it is important for them to learn continuously and to get new knowledge in order to build their future.We determined the aims of the project firstly alongside these aspects:1. With non-formal educational activities widening the horizon, development of competences of young people, helping the evolvement of their talent by dicovering the variegation of cultures, per the relation of dance, music, theatre, presentation, visual art, intercultural dialoge, motivation and life long learning. 2. Encouragement of the social activities of young people, popularization of volunterism and social responsibility, supporting the initiatives coming from young people.3. Reinforcement of community roles, supporting the formation of small communities and informal groups.The youth exchange is planned for 9 days and its topic is the presentation of national and local cultures, enhancement of the cultural variegation, getting to know the differences and similarities between the cultures per the presentation of the participants’ own national cultures with the help of dance, music, theatre, presentations, visual art, legends and traditions. Furthermore through intercultural activities and workshops it will be about tolerance, solidarity, cultural differences, the stereotypes coming from this and how to handle them. In frame of national nights the young people coming from different countries can show their own national values, cultures, traditions. The result of the project is a community presentation about the cultures and local heritages of the participating countries. In favour of the dissemination of the result of the project a presentation will be held for the inhabitants in Hungary. Representatives of local and countywide media will take part – the results will be published in newspapers, radio, TV, websites and portals. We will provide information about the Erasmus+ Programme too. The photos, films and posters made by the young people during the exchange will be put to the websites of the organization, and to facebook sites.We will evaluate the project at each stage. Youthpass also belongs to the final evaluation. The effect of the youth exchange to the young people is really positive. On one hand it makes positive change on the development of their key competences, on the other hand it helps their mobility, social activity, the motivation to develop their communities.



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