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A History together. To be continued...
Date du début: 5 août 2015, Date de fin: 4 juin 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

For 15 years AFAIJ has been facilitating EVS program as a sending and hosting organization of volunteers. Since the founding of the organization, more than 700 young people have participated in the program through us (abroad or in Spain), getting new life experiences which have contributed to both their personal and professional development and growth. Over the years, while passing from a framework of one Programme to another, all the entities working in the youth field have needed to adapt to new rules and basis of the work as well as to new working methods all the while improving the work done. All this has impacted, and as an ongoing process is still impacting, the ways of working with young people as there has been a need to adapt to new social realities and situations which has also changed and reoriented the relationships between different entities and organizations. During these years, AFAIJ has been working with many organizations and would like to continue this history of working together. Through this seminar we propose a meeting between professionals: We want to create a space where, during a period of one week, partners from different parts of Europe, with a history of working closely together, will have the opportunity to work and come together, bringing also the experiences known from their old volunteers. Through this shared space, the partners can reflect upon, share experiences and generate new joint programs within the new framework of Erasmus+. This meeting can be seen as a place for sharing experiences as well as a place to assess the impact of the EVS programs on different levels that each of them have had on the short, medium and / or long term. Through this seminar, we propose a space for: 1. An assessment of the years working together 2. Exchange of experiences and good practices 3. Give a new shared focus on working with the EVS-program within the Erasmus+ framework 4. Create future joint projects 5. Make an impact assessment of EVS projects, through the experiences of the organizations and from those they will share with us from their experiences with old volunteers. 6. Share experiences and encounters of organizations. 7. Analysis of the knowledge acquired 8. Promote Youthpass between organizations and companies outside the EVS. The activity will be attended by 22 persons from different countries that are involved in the program as well as including old Spanish volunteers who have participated in SVE program. The methodology used during the activity will be eminently practical. Lot of the work will be done as group work, in small as well as in bigger groups, with the support of creating materials both handwritten and as digital. Non-formal education will be the methodological basis of the whole activity. Also visits to hosting projects of EVS program in the Community of Madrid will be planned and also an activity of round table and a visit to the city of Madrid will be realized. Active participation is always encouraged. It is expected that during the project an analysis will be made about the impacts that the EVS projects and the partnership processes have had. Furthermore, we aim to collect these impacts into a material that would serve analyses of other projects of AFAIJ and other organizations involved. AFAIJ also hopes that through the round table activity on Youthpass and learning skills, this certificate could be more known and recognized by other actors. Last but not the least, we would like this space of encounter to be an opportunity to renew contacts and, in general, a positive environment for new and future collaborations.



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