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A healthy lifestyle camps for children in Latvia - Lithuania cross border area (One healthy team)
Date du début: 9 avr. 2012, Date de fin: 8 juil. 2013 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Project partners: Jelgava City Council Institution "Sport Service Centre" (LV) and Siauliai City Municipality Budget Institution "Siauliai Football Academy" (LT) have worked out cross border cooperation project which contributes to achievement of Programme objective - attractive living environment and development of sustainable community. Project cross border activities are planned to exchange experiences of best practices and create best practice example to build up network in sport education and leisure activities considering especially the needs of young people (health of children and youngsters). All project activities also focus on equal opportunities for both genders as well as for different childrens age groups. Overall objective of the project is to contribute to the sustainable development and to facilitate healthy way of living between younger generation of the region. Sub-objectives of the project One healthy team are: - to launch a cross border cooperation network between Lithuanian and Latvian youth institutions to promote and encourage healthy lifestyle organizing healthy lifestyle camps for three groups of young people in Jelgava and Siauliai cities. Project idea is to educate young children about healthy lifestyle, healthy eating usefulness, relevance and the need to strengthen the body and develop it through sport activities; - to create handbook for teachers and coaches how to work with children to educate them in healthy way of living. To tackle project objectives project activities organized in 3 Working Packages (WP) which foresee development of the cross border network between Lithuanian and Latvian educational institutions working with children of different age groups. Implementation of the Project includes cooperation in common summer and winter sport camps organization also involving lectures and education about damage of bad habits such as smoking and drugs, importance of the wholesome food and sport activities and cultural events. Also these camps will help Latvian and Lithuanian children to know each other culture and language. It is planned that during camps children will visit cultural festivals and learn both countries languages and culture. During the camps and besides camp activities there will be elaborated handbook for teachers and coaches in the region with the information how to work with children to learn them healthy style of living. Achievements: 8 project working meetings and 4 project camps organized, 1 Handbook with CD elaborated, Project logo development, T-shirts and caps with project logo purchased, Sports equipment purchased



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  • 2007 - 2013 Latvia-Lithuania (LV-LT)
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