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A Gate to Europe. Elaboration of studies of a potential cross-border industrial park (Gate to Europe)
Date du début: 30 nov. 2011, Date de fin: 29 nov. 2012 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

In the confines of the project we will make arrangements to establish a cross-border industrial park within the region of Subotica.It encompasses the following activities:a) Finishing the professional documents for preparing the establishment of the joint industrial park:-an analytical situation study, which examines property relations, market opportunities and explores investorial incentives-a complex realization and economical study-a legal analysis-a marketing plan and, a technical study plan, which will serve as a basis to the planning of the industrial parkb) Creating a joint management organization that would manage the development of the new industrial park. This is essential for the documentation, which reaches completion, to actually contribute to the creation of the industrial park. Representatives of Subotica and Tompa will participate in the organization in co-operation with the partners.c) Popularization of the initiative:The target group partly involves potential investors, suppliers and manufacturers and partly involves decision makers working on different levels. Furthermore, we wish to address decision makers of other border regions, too, where other initiatives may begin as well.Direct results of the project:Øthe planning of a cross-border industrial park will begin in the region of SuboticaØan organization will be established which will manage the processØpotential investors, suppliers, manufacturers and decision makers will get to know the initiative soon enoughIndirect results of the project:Øa cross-border industrial park will be established in the region of Subotica and TompaØthe number of investors and workplaces will increase in the region, unemployment will be reducedØa competitive development region will take shape next to the Hungarian and Serbian axisØthe international rumors about the initiative will contribute to the expansion of tourism in Subotica Achievements: A cross-border industrial park is an industrial park operating on both sides of the border and can involve two industrial parks operating in close vicinity. The partnership of three chambers of commerce and industry from Hungary and Serbia sought to end a solution for forming cross-border industrial parks on such border- sections where one side is an EU member state (Hungary) and the other is still in the pre-accession stage (Serbia). The operation of cross-border industrial parks is based on joint cooperation and a joint strategy. Beyond benefiting from the favourable geographic location, i.e. close vicinity of the neighbouring country, a presence on the neighbouring country’s market can intensify and encourage economic activities. The project partners elaborated several professional documents for preparing the establishment of the joint industrial park: an analytical situation study, a complex realisation and economical study, a legal analysis, a marketing plan and a technical study plan. Besides this, they created a joint management organisation that would manage the development of the new industrial park, and they popularised the initiative among potential investors, suppliers, manufacturers and decision - makers. The Chambers expect their joint efforts to establish an industrial park to have significant long-term results. In the long run and as a result of an operational cross-border industrial park, the number of both investors and jobs may rise, which would in turn lower the unemployment rate. Additionally, intensive and well-targeted dissemination and marketing activities would attract foreign investors. An economically vibrant, successful and competitive region can be formed around the cross-border industrial park along the Hungarian-Serbian border.



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